I can’t wait for Buzz

Who is Buzz you ask, he’s my future puppy that I fantasize about daily. Whenever I go to a store with my girlfriend and there happens to be dog toys, dog beds, dog anything, especially French Bulldogs, I jokingly say that Buzz would love this for a toy etc.,  drives her crazy and she gets wicked embarrassed. We’d have Buzz currently if we were allowed to have pets in our apartment, but, not yet! Having a dog is always the best, they’re by far the best type of pet you can own. Cats suck, hamsters and other rodents suck, reptiles, insects, all other pets don’t even compare to a cute dog. Ok, sloths, koalas and quokkas are amazing, but difficult to house train, trust me I’ve tried. Dogs are mans best-friend and it clearly shows.

Growing up I always had a trusty sidekick. Chloe was my first love but then Dixie came in to my life. She was absolutely amazing. Always there once I came home from school and even when I came back from college she was there to welcome me with both paws.   dixie

Sweetest little little pup there was and there wasn’t a tennis ball she wouldn’t have chewed.

French Bulldogs

Before you get all sore about the breeding style of flat-nosed dogs and how owning one of these dogs is just feeding in to the industry, relax. The industry for French Bulldogs is no different than breeding for Golden Retrievers or Labs. Those breeders over-populate the dog population making hundreds of dogs homeless and left for dead in the streets or with owners who are abusive and terrible people. I’m happy to own a dog that is loving, caring, affectionate, the list goes on and on. Dog breeders typically make it seem like buying a dog from them and their latest litter is better than going to the SPCA or some dog shelter since they’re good people and good breeders. Dog breeders are genuinely good people, but what it boils down to is the fact that they own dogs against their will and force them to reproduce for the owners profit. Puppy mills are disgusting places and those people should be put in prison, but I feel that dog breeders should as well.

So it’s more humane, is it really though? As I mentioned, you’re owning dogs and forcing them to mate against their will over and over purely for profit. Not to mention charging an arm and a leg for that dog because it’s a “pure bread” dog. That may be true, but how healthy are the dogs that are the parents? Once they’ve had their tenth litter are they still fully healthy? Still no illnesses, no genetic diseases, no bone diseases? The whole dog breeder situation is very shady to me. I’ve done some research looking up French Bulldog breeders and just seeing what they say is ridiculous. One of them charged $500 just to consult with them and put in the application. $500 dollars that is non-refundable, non-negotiable, and not to mention, it says that the owners at any time can refuse to discuss anything further with the owner just because they feel like it. So you’re telling me I could pay $500 bucks to literally just talk with you and that’s it, wonderful business right?


Oh Buzz, where are’t thou

I did check with our property manager to see if we could have a little dog…..to no avail. It was worth a shot though. Coming home from a bad day of work or just knowing that there’s someone at home when we get there that there’s some adorable little guy waiting anxiously for us with all his heart. Warms my heart just thinking about him!

All I know is that I can’t wait for Buzz!

I own the one picture of Dixie my golden retriever but claim no ownership to the other pictures of the French Bulldogs.


  1. Dear Nate,
    For Christmas this year I told my husband all I wanted was to rescue a dog from the SPCA. So, with the help of your adorable and wonderful mother Sharon (my friend and co-worker), I did just that. We picked up Callie, a mixed breed, yesterday and brought her home. She will be loved for as long as she shall live. Rescuing is really a great feeling. Merry Christmas!


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