NBA Trade Deadline

The Hottest Topic in the NBA Right Now

For any NBA fan, you’re pumped right now. It’s when the deals start to happen and your mid-level contender can either make a move to make a late-season playoff push, trade away your best player to tank and get a good draft pick for years to come, or if you’re like me, your team does nothing. I’m a Charlotte Hornets fan, not much has happened in the past few years for them. Always close but, no cigar. This is an exciting time for the NBA though, there’s always a move that everyone either loves or hates. That held true last night to find out that DeMarcus Cousins was this years news. For those of you who don’t know, DeMarcus is one of the league’s best centers, along with one of the most temperamental as well. Known for his double-doubles while he plays, is just as widely known for seeing him walk off the court for his technical fouls.

The Deal Includes What?

The deal is almost equivalent to one that you’d made in a video game. You get one of the best players in the game for, well, garbage and draft picks. The deal sent a pretty good player in Buddy Field to the Kings along with Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, a first round draft-pick, and a second round draft-pick. One would say that’s a pretty solid deal because for your value in the first-round pick, but that’s also several years down the line. So as of now, Buddy Hield needs to turn in to a superstar shooting guard who can average over 20 points per game, 6 assists and 4 rebounds. Pretty solid numbers, but they also need their first-round pick to turn in to someone who can also put up respectable numbers. They essentially did the golden rule of fantasy football, you don’t trade 1 player to replace them with 2 players.


The Kings pretty much solidified themselves another mediocre year and another season in the basement of the NBA. Hopefully they can turn it in to something nice, but the Kings have been bad for a loooooong time. The Pelicans just solidified themselves as an actual contender in the Western Conference and might actually have the best front court in all of the NBA currently, and maybe in history if Davis and Cousins can learn to play with each other. Trades like this always kill me because as a Hornets fan, there’s never any trades that I look forward to. Constantly stuck in mediocracy, the Hornets just seem to be destined to always be in limbo. They never pick the right draft pick, they never made any beneficial trades, and they never make any big splashes in free agency.

What is the NBA Even?

The NBA today is filled with players who could potentially still be in college. The new one-and-done scheme was practically invented by coach John Calipari of Kentucky. I’m a fan of the guy, but he’s pretty much changed the way the game is played. Constantly churning out players from college to the NBA after one year. I love college basketball, more than the NBA, solely because they’re actually competitive games. The atmosphere is great, the game play is great, and the players aren’t totally self-centered. However! Their knowledge is lacking to say the least. Their English is extremely poor and their vocabulary is so limited, just listening to some of them you’d think you’re listening to middle school kids. The education aspect for college athletes is so lacking it’s not even funny. Plus, here comes the political portion, with the addition of Betsy DeVos, the public education system will begin to dwindle in the coming years.

There Will be More

There will be a more in-depth portion to this blog only because, a. this one is somewhat long as is, b. there is a whole lot more that I’d like to say, and c. the new season of Bates Motel starts soon and that show is awesome!

So it’s safe to say, there will be more to this!


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