Going to the Movies or Drug Mule?

Come on, hurry up, stuff it in there. No, you’ll have to do better then that, I can clearly see it. Tuck it in there better, make sure it doesn’t make a sound when you walk by.

Your Average Movies Experience

These are words that we all live by when we go to the movies. If you’ve never gone to the movies and felt like you’re doing something illegal, you’re not doing the movies right. The typical drill is, enter store, find your candy and drinks of choice, stuff them in your clothes, purse, pockets, enter movies, enjoy. If you’ve never snuck in snacks, you’ve for sure seen someone who has. The mom who pulls out an entire snack box from her purse. The dad who opens his jacket and looks like the street peddler with a jacket full of watches. The little kid who somehow snuck in an entire case of snack pack pudding. I’ve seen it all in the movie theater world, plus, I’ve done a lot of it too.

One does feel a bit bad for the movie theater, taking away their revenue from the $5 candy bar and the $4 water. But going to the movies now is a $35 plus date night. Yes, that’s not the most expensive date night, but it’s to sit there and watch a movie. It’s not doing something out of the ordinary or something that you’ll remember or a lifetime, unless of course it’s the best movie of all time. Movies are cool and fun to watch, but there’s websites not where you can stream them for free, but you didn’t hear that from me.

The Smuggle

One of the funniest parts of going to the movies is seeing people who bring in their snacks and drinks and pull them out of god knows where. As I mentioned before, smuggling snacks in to the movies is like being a drug mule. You’ve got to hide your snacks wherever you can in order to get in successfully with the goods. The suspense is building as you walk up to buy your tickets, you start to sweat as you walk by the ticket scanner (the gate keeper), your heart skips a beat once you’re in the clear. You’re in safely with snacks in tact, winner winner chicken dinner.

The Thrill of Victory

Once you’ve made it in to the movies, you’re in. Your snacks and beverages taste even better because, well, you didn’t over pay for them and you feel like a bad ass for getting them in without getting caught. Best of luck in your snack smuggling adventures.


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