An Interview with Davante Adams

This is a transcribed interview from a prior internship.

T: What are you doing this off-season?

DA: Pretty much trying to do my best to stay in shape and have a little fun while I’m at it.


T: What kind of fun? Who’ve you been hanging with?  Have you gone on any trips?

DA: Yeah, I went on the Packers fan tour to Mexico.  I’ve been hanging out with old teammates from college.  It’s been good seeing them.  I went to Las Vegas with my boys for a few days.  I haven’t been to Green Bay since the break.  I’ve been in California enjoying the weather.


T: What about the Puerto Verde trip, what was your favorite part of the trip?

DA: My favorite part was probably swimming with the dolphins.


T: Are you bigger than the dolphins or the same size?

DA: Unless I’m 700 lbs., then I’m not even close to being bigger than a dolphin.


T: What other players were you with in Mexico?

DA: John Kuhn, Dayton Jones, Josh Boyd, Mike Daniels and Mike Perry.


T: Who are you working out with?

DA: I’ve been training with pro fitness training in California since I’ve been back.


T: Are you doing two-a-days or treatments and workouts?

DA: Two-a-days, heck no.  It’s more muscle endurance and just making sure I keep the same body I left the season with.  Taking care of it, speed training and field work.


T: Tell me about the “crispy” routes that everyone is talking about.

DA: Pretty much I came into college raw, just working off of my god given talent.  I worked with my receiver coach, Keith Williams, he is like a receiver guru.  He focused on all the small things that all the coaches around the nation don’t really focus on.  That just kind of allowed me to get those “crispy” routes.


T: How has playing with Aaron Rodgers helped develop your game?

DA: He’s a perfectionist; he won’t shy away from telling you what you messed up on.  He comes ready to play and wants everyone else to be ready.  His impression on people makes it easy for guys like me to follow them.  He’s a big guy in the locker room for guys to look up to.  It helps me be ready and come in and want to run routes for him.


T: Have you met Olivia? Has he invited you to their house down in San Diego?

DA: Yeah I’ve met her but I haven’t been down to their house.  I’ve been just trying to get settled in.  I didn’t want to be doing a lot of stuff.  I just wanted to get settled in first.


T: Who can win a race between and you and Randall Cob, who has the fastest feet?

DA: He would get me in the foot race, but I’m fast, but that’s what he does.  He’s the sprinter, he’s the 40 guy.


T: Did you watch the Fresno team this year?  Who are you rooting for?

DA: Yeah I watched, the guy I’m pulling for went to the same high school as me.  I’m real excited about him but he was red-shirted this year but he’ll be back next year.  Keyshawn Johnson.  I’ve talked with the coaches and they’re excited about his maturation process and how he’s coming along.


T: Who have you kept in touch with, Bulldogs in the league now and the guys you went to Vegas with?

DA: Josh Harper, Isiah Bursh, Marcus NeDay.  He was my first roommate coming into college.  You get some life long bonds from college.  You get a lot of people that influence you.  I keep in contact with Derek Carr too.  When I got back to California, we got right back at it.


T: What was it like to hear your name at the NFL Draft?  What advice would you give the incoming draftees?

DA: It was crazy, it took a while to hit me.  It didn’t hit me right when it happened.  My heart was beating, I couldn’t sleep.  I had a lot of stress but I just wanted to let whatever happens happen.  If I had any advice, I would say relax and don’t get focused on 1 team that wants to take you.  The teams that really like you wont talk to you much because they don’t want other teams knowing they’re interested in you.


T: How has your life changed in a year?

DA: It’s crazy, usually when something like this happens, when you go from a shorter season in college to a season that pretty much double, including pre-season.  I thought it was the longest thing ever.  It just flew by though, it seems like that was a long time ago.  Looking back, time flew by, but that just means we were having fun while we were doing it.


T: What was your season highlight? What was the moment you realized, wow, I’m on the Green Bay Packers?

DA: Probably in Miami, when Aaron started giving me the ball early and often against Cortland Finnegan; a veteran in the league who I grew up watching making plays.  It meant a lot to me and Aaron proving that I can go against the best and take it.


T: What does it mean to support this Packers legend and kidney transplant organization?

DA: It means a lot, that’s the type of thing what it means to be a Packer.  You’re selfless and someone who does something for others.  Anyone that would donate organs is someone who is a big deal and people don’t really realize what it means to be involved in an organization like this.  You’re that unselfish t do something like that to save someone’s life.


T: What do you think about the story of how he met his wife, the one who donated her kidney and was a perfect match?

DA: I mean that’s wild.  It’s a crazy story, that’s some stuff you see in a chick flick.  It’s crazy to actually be a real-life story.  Not only a random person, but the fact they got married is a fairy tale.


PPI Fire 5, but 10 just because you are so cool.

T: What is your favorite food?

DA: Probably a restaurant in Green Bay, Play Bistro.


T: What is your favorite brand to rock, or store to shop in?

DA: I’ve gotta say NIKE.  I signed with NIKE, shout out to NIKE.


T: What singer or song can we find you rocking to?

DA: Most likely Meek Mill.


T: Who is your celebrity crush?

DA: My girlfriend right here would have to be my celebrity crush.  A famous one would have to be Megan Good.


T: What is your favorite animal or name of your pet?

DA: My dog, his name is Louis.  My favorite animal is a lion.


T: A tv show you will not miss?

DA: Friends.  I swear.


T: A video game you are obsessed with?

DA: Madden.  I don’t do online though.  I don’t  like hearing kid’s cussing and such.


T: Who do you text most often?

DA: Probably my cousin Eric.


T: What is your favorite thing to do in your hometown Paolo Alto?

DA: Playing basketball for sure.  I’ve got a sweet jumper.


T: A tattoo that means the most to you?

DA: I have a martin Luther King quote on my forearm.  I also have family members names as well.



T: A family member that came to the most Packers games in your first year?

DA: My mom.


T: A teammate in the locker room that’s a jokester?

DA: Eddie, for sure.


T:  A saying Mike McCarthy says most?

DA: He only says one thing every single day, but it’s not cool.  At the end of every meeting he says, “alright, break it up”.  It’s just words.


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