The Tour of Mythicality: Toronto

What is the Tour of Mythicality?

Good Mythical Morning. It starts with Good Mythical Morning and the starts of the show, Rhett McLaughlin and Charles “Link” Neal. Or vice versa, I have no preference of who’s first. It’s about two guys who have their own entertainment business, Mythical Entertainment, where they started Good Mythical Morning, Buddy System,  Ear Biscuits, and they also wrote a book called Rhett & Link’s Book of Mythicality. They’re creative geniuses and I’d task you with finding something that they can’t do. Truly, they are geniuses and have changed the entire YouTube and online creative framework.

Coming from a small town in Buies Creek, North Carolina, Rhett and Link moved out to Los Angeles to start their lives with their wives. The two have been best friends since the first grade when they were forced to stay in one recess for writing profanity (that was incorrectly written). They were instructed to color unicorns, aka mythical beasts. And thus their mythical lives were born.

The two continued their mythical journey and moved out to Los Angeles where they began creating videos. Mind you, they both have degrees from NC State in engineering. Once they found success creating videos, they became full on internetainers creating daily videos, songs and commercials for local business. They’ve since grown, and grown, and grown. They’ve been featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon several times and routinely feature some of the internet and TV’s hottest stars on their morning show.


This book is essentially a duelogrophy (autobiography) if you will about both of their lives. It goes into detail how they met, their childhoods, younger years, etc. you get the jist. So off of their book, like any great entrepreneur, they decided to milk that cash cow and make a tour out of it. That’s what every great author does, they write and then go on tour to promote it. Again, these two know what they’re doing.


(When you’re too tall for the couch and when you turn you have to lean on the ground) Rhett left, Link right

The Tour of Mythicality

I will say, you should read the book prior to seeing the show, it will help, but it’s not necessary. There are some moments when only those who read the book will understand, but it will not ruin your experience, trust me! Do get good seats (no I was not compensated to write that), good seats will make a difference.

They put on an act and do things that you truly do not want to miss out on. The shows they do don’t have a screen for further people to watch. So, truly, you do want a good seat for this. Another great aspect of the show is the music. These two who wrote their own songs can play and sing. It’s amazing that they can sing a song, stay in tune, dance around, act out a skit, and do it for an entire two-hour show. I’m not going to say what they do in the show since that would ruin your experience. However, knowing that this is most likely the last tour that they’ll ever do, I sadly don’t think you’ll be able to see the show. That’s coming from them.

They concluded the show with a Q&A session which truly engages their fans because they’re very down to earth people. They had a very candid conversation with everyone who asked a question, myself included!

Click here to watch the Q&A video, and especially at 1:40 to hear my question.

All in all, a truly great show and one of the greatest nights of my life. These two are my idols and I really do look up to them. They’re extremely talented and it doesn’t go unnoticed. If I ever have the chance to see them again, I’d do it in a heartbeat.





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