Elba vs. Perry Men’s High School Basketball Recap

The Elba men’s basketball team added another mark in their win column the other night against the boys from Perry. The scoring started early for Elba when they jumped out to an 8-point lead after the first quarter with the help of Jon Boyce. Jon was able to put up 4 of his 22 points thanks to his 7 field goals and was a big reason that Elba was able to stay out in front the whole game.

The troop from Perry used their first-half timeout with roughly 6 minutes remaining to try to turn the game around and keep John Grove in a rhythm. John totaled 10 of his 20 points in the first half and could’ve made it 14 had his free-throws dropped.

Perry came out in the second half and closed the deficit to 7 entering the fourth quarter. Three-point shooting was the key to Perry’s third quarter but it didn’t hold up in the fourth as they weren’t able to make a single three.

Elba slammed the door shut going 4-4 from the free-throw line in the fourth and Jon Boyce capped off his night with 8 points to Perry’s 9 in the last quarter of play. Colton Dillon tallied 11 points while Zach Marsceil and Tyler Stevens each put up 8 points of their own.

Perry’s Cameron Campbell, Carson DeVinney, and Michael Hockey added their 9, 8, and 7 points respectively. While it wouldn’t have changed the result of the game, Perry’s free-throw woes of 6 for 14 could’ve helped to lessen the margin and give them some momentum going into their next game.

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