Rhett and Link Live! Columbus, Ohio Edition

A few weeks ago I surprised my girlfriend with VIP tickets to see Rhett and Link Live in Columbus, Ohio. In actuality, I bought these tickets for myself to finally meet Rhett and Link, my girlfriend just happened to be the lucky recipient of a VIP ticket. I also allowed her to tag along back in November of 2018 (see here) when we saw them in Toronto.

Rhett and Link Live is not the Tour of Mythicality for those who are asking. The Tour of Mythicality was a live show about their book, The Book of Mythicality. (Quick note, I do not work for Rhett and Link so the promotional items will no longer be mentioned.) Their book is an autobiography of their lives and how they grew up together, became best friends, and how they arrived at where they are today. Their concert is strictly a comedy show where they sing roughly 20 songs that they have written throughout their professional careers.

The Ticket Process

Tickets are available for sale on their website (which I’ve already included links for) when shows are announced. However, if you are truly interested in seeing them, you need to act quickly. Think about it, they have over 12 million followers on YouTube, they’re selling tickets for a show that has roughly a 2,500 person capacity. That’s less than 1% of their fanbase who gets to see them, let alone meet them!

We were fortunate enough to get VIP tickets before they were sold out. While they were expensive, more expensive than I’d like to admit, I was ecstatic to see my recent purchase. However, this was my first VIP ticket purchase and there was no guidance as to how early to get there, where to go, what was included. It was as if I had just put a down payment on something special, but something so special I wasn’t able to know until shortly before the event.

I reached out to a Ticketmaster seeking further details and they told me more details would be coming. Which I was ok with, at least I knew that additional information was to come and I didn’t just purchase expensive seats with nothing included. Roughly 2 weeks prior to the show I received an email with further details about the show and to get to the Palace Theatre no later than 6:30 to claim my tickets.

There was some other ancillary information that was included, but at least I knew that we had to get there by 6:30, get our passes and we’d then meet Rhett and Link after the show, sick!


We got stopped by the theatre around 4:30 before going to dinner to get our tickets, however, the ticket booth isn’t open that early. So, we need to be to the theatre before 6:30, but 4:15 is too soon, would’ve been nice to know. We went to dinner and returned at roughly 5:40 to get in line, which was already 100 people or more.

We stood in line and continued to ask other people and be asked if this was the correct line. The doors finally opened at 6:30 to get our tickets…only to wait in line for another 45 minutes before being told the doors would be opening at 7:15. So, to be clear, we were told to be there no later than 6:30 without an actual open time, to continue to stand in line without being told anything for over an hour and a half. Something very similar happened when we were in Toronto as well. COMMUNICATE WITH US!

We got to our seats and listened to some music playing over the sound system. The show was to start at 8, at roughly 8:10 Britton Buchanan came on stage and absolutely killed it…killed it! This kid is 19 and I would say that 99% of the people in the theatre hadn’t heard of him. He’s Link’s cousin and this is his first ever tour, so pretty neat to actually see and hear him. Oh, and after the show we met him, so pretty cool.

Britton came out, did his thing, played about 10 songs, and then we had about a 10 minute intermission. And then…the show! Rhett and Link made a great entrance, I mean, they just walked out, but to see them again live is just amazing. Then, they sang, they talked, shared stories, sang some more, danced, and just put on a great show.

I’m not going to give away exactly how or what they did because that would ruin your experience, but I highly suggest seeing them live! After the show, all non-VIP holders left and we waited for what seemed like a lifetime. We got up row by row and waited in line for our meet and greet. My god, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I’d thought about what I’d say, how I’d say it, how amazing this whole thing would be.

The Meet and Greet

My girlfriend had asked if I was nervous or if I’d thought about what I’d say, of course I said no and played it cool while my insides felt like I had drank about 30 cups of coffee and rinsed my mouth with Mountain Dew. The nerves set in, we were next, we slowly walked up and it happened…

I remember grabbing our swag bag with a signed poster from Rhett and Link in a Rhett and Link bag, thanking Britton for the gift and we were on our way home. I blacked out! The whole experience of meeting them I blacked out! I vaguely remember walking up to them and speaking to them. I do however know that I asked them if we could take a picture where “can you act like you’re a proud dad.” Awesome, I asked them to be a proud dad, like someone who has never felt the love and affection of a father…awesome. I didn’t remember if I shook their hand or hugged them, I don’t even remember if I told them my name. Completely blew it! I felt like Ralphie from a Christmas Story, but I never got my redemption! At least not yet.

Seize Your Moment

Take the opportunity to see them! If you’re a big fan, this is an amazing opportunity to see them live, meet them, and actually see that they’re the same people they are on the show as they are off. As I mentioned, out of the millions and millions of viewers they have around the world and to be a small percentage of those who have seen them live, let alone met, it’s pretty neat. Seize the day!

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