What Can You Do to Provide Value

Every day we put our time and effort into something that provides us with a return. We put energy into our job so we can get paid, we put in time with a loved one so we can have a happier life. Whatever it may be, we put in the time to get something out.

But what can we do to increase our return? How can we provide more value to our company, our loved ones, and most importantly, ourselves? The first step is making time, not finding time, making it. Time is always there, we don’t need to find it, we need to change how we spend it.

Self Reflection

One thing I am always working on and trying to find the answer to is what value can/do I provide. What value can I provide to my job, can I be replaced? What value do I provide to my friends, can they find someone better? The more value I provide to myself, the more valuable I am to others.

Day after day I put in time to work on my writing. I know that I will never perfect the craft, but the more time and effort I put in, the more valuable I become. I like to consider myself a sponge, I’m always interested in learning and soaking up knowledge from others. What does this to do me when I learn and MAKE time to listen? I make myself more valuable.

But aren’t I being selfish by only doing things that provide value to myself? Not at all. By making myself more valuable, I make those who come in contact with me better and more valuable as well. If someone needs a service and seeks my assistance, they receive more value choosing me instead of someone else.

How Does This Work

Think of a lawnmowing business. If the person cutting the grass does a great job, they provide value to their business by exceeding expectations, thus creating a great reputation. The homeowner’s value is that their house now looks nicer and has an increased value in the neighboorhood. The neighbor’s homes value also goes up because this is now a nicer neighborhood. Value increases all around just because of one person.

Where to Start

There is always going to be someone who wants to dethrone you, even if you haven’t reached the pinnacle yet. Putting in the time and energy into not always what we love, but what we can get value from is one of the major keys to success.

Instead of putting time into negative people, that time can be spent continuing to nurture the good friends we have. What value do you get from having negative people in your life? Frustration, anger, financial stress?

If you want to make yourself more valuable, start by looking yourself in the mirror. Understanding what you’re trying to achieve will help you determine the assets you’ll need.

We can all provide more value in our lives, it’s making the time and putting in the effort. Make yourself so invaluable you’re an asset to everything and everyone around you. Be unique, be different, provide value!

Please be sure to follow me as I hope to add value to your life!

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