A Purpose

Whenever I am in the mood for a hot beverage I often visit the coffee shop at the corner of my street. It’s a very short walk, maybe 100 yards or so, to Starry Nights which embodies Vincent van Gogh’s painting, Starry Night. When I walked in on this one particular snowy day, I was greeted with a pleasant “hello” from the barista and asked what I would like. I had not made my mind up at this time since I am quite indecisive, but I was in the mood for just a plain cup of coffee. 

Once my cup was ready, I walked through the shop to an empty victorian chair to sit alone in one corner of the establishment. The chair had red cushions and a stained dark-brown frame with carvings. The chair probably hasn’t moved in over 30 years and has seen many bottoms in its lifetime. 

My purpose for coming into the shop was for a hot beverage, but to also work on my hockey writing article which I submit weekly. This article is published on TJHPodcast.com and records over 400 views per article. I was unbothered in my time in the shop, it may have had a lot to do with only three other patrons in the shop at this time. 

Upon completion of my article and coffee, I grabbed my belongings and placed my mug in the dirty dishes bin atop the garbage can. I gave a wave and “thanks” to the barista and returned home.

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