4th and Inches Fantasy Recap – Week 7

Well, well, well. Things are getting interesting in 4th and Inches. Excluding the number one team, the next 11 positions are completely up for grabs. We’ve got a tie for second, a tie for fourth, a four-way tie for sixth, a tie for tenth, and a lone wolf in last place. However, some recent trades will be shaking things up even more.

EatSleepFantasy vs. The Big House

Biggest blowout of the week, EatSleepFantasy over The Big House. After two back-to-back wins for The Big House, they fell back down to earth where they rightfully belong. It’s tough to win when you’re trotting out a WR2 who has two double-digit games to this point in the season, one of which was 10.9 points. Tough to rely on Mike Williams when the man can hardly rely on his own body.

Although The Big House held an early projection victory, 128.52-122.20, it was going to take a lot for them to pull off a third-straight victory. Marque and his team of chumps relied heavily on Brady, Davante Adams, and Chris Godwin. All three accounted for 113.26, enough to beat Randy’s team on their own. EatSleepFantasy got a much needed win of 173.26 to 110.02 to improve to 3-4 while The Big House falls to 2-5 with a lot of work to be done if they want to make the playoffs.

Muskies then Chubbie vs. Heal CMC

After week seven, these two teams look a little different after their games. Muskies then Chubbie made a move that potentially gave them the league while Heal CMC made one of the…most interesting trades the league has ever seen.

Muskie traded away DJ Moore, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and Antonio Gibson for Michael Thomas and Austin Ekeler. Yes, that happened. Unfortunately for Heal CMC, the trade happened after he got spanked, 179.92 to 145.52.

Ron and Heal CMC made a splash by trading everyone away to get a guy who’s going to be out for the rest of the season. Heal CMC traded away Ezekiel Elliot, Tony Pollard, Darren Waller, Tee Higgins, and Kenny Golladay to receive Christian McCaffrey, Mike Davis, Brandin Cooks, Evan Engram, and Odell Beckham Jr. This means Nate doesn’t have the worst trade of the season as Ron and Heal CMC have taken that crown. Thanks Ron!

Muskies then Chubbie gets the victory to improve to 5-2 and move into second place while Heal CMC slides down to fourth place with a 4-3 record.

MakeAndrewGreatAgain vs. Let Russ Be Culinary

The week’s most anticipated matchup did not disappoint. In what was almost a stunning upset, MakeAndrewGreatAgain continues to go above and beyond expectations week after week. Either that or Yahoo’s projections are wrong, like mail-in ballots?

Let Russ Be Culinary threw out a roster that’s been firing on all cylinders all season long. They’re now 7-0 for a reason. Initially projected to score 150.40, the highest in the league, they ended up with 156.02. However, Andrew’s team came out of nowhere on Sunday night. After being down big, they made a late run with unbelievable play from Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. I guess spending an extra few bucks on him in the draft continues to be a great decision. The final was 156.02 to 154.80. Andrew was up late waiting for this one to finish. Just not as late as when he watches ‘Cuse basketball lose to Duke.

Let Russ Be Culinary moves to 7-0 and remains in first place while MakeAndrewGreatAgain slides to 5-2 and into third place.

Keenan & Kel vs. Trump 2020

The league wildcard, Yianni, vs. the league’s court jester, Curtis. You’ll never hear a peep out of Yianni, not even when he’s rocking back and forth. But Curtis, that guy won’t stop talking even if he’s busy snatching flies and bees out of mid-air.

Early projections gave a slight edge to Keenan & Kel by a score of 129.94 to 117.78. Things were pretty back and forth in this one until they weren’t. Keenan & Kel fell flat on their face as they only put up 94.22 points to Trump 2020’s 122.20 points. Another solid outing from someone who continues to trade away their best players. Bold move cotton.

Keenan & Kel heads to sixth place with a 3-4 record and Trump 2020 trails in the polls to Joe Biden. I mean, they sit in fifth place at 4-3.

Michael Thomas vs. Fire the Cannons

Beating a team in back-to-back weeks isn’t necessarily enjoyable but it sure is fun. Especially when the other guy’s throwing out two running backs and a tight end who scored a combined 16 points. Here’s your “atta boy” Sherm!

At first glance, this was going to be a barnburner. Michael Thomas had an edge of 117.17 to 116.62 but in reality, there was never any worry. Fire the Cannons is sitting in the back of this league drinking old milk while they watch the league drive away like an unwanted kid at the Grand Canyon.

Michael Thomas gets their third straight victory, second longest in the league, to improve to 3-4 and into seventh place while Fire the Cannons is on an oil slicked slide heading straight into the dumpster. Sitting in ninth place with an identical 3-4 record, I guess it pays to be able to read more than a milk carton.

Bills Deep vs. Hyde/Zeke I Guess?

This one was saved for last because if you’ve made it this far, you can stop now. Tenth vs. twelfth place, a game everyone had on their calendar.

Both teams did make trades following week seven, but only time will tell if they actually pan out. Early projections were irrelevant because both managers knew they were inflated. Bills Deep showed 119.03 while Hyde/Zeke I Guess? showed 125.69. Yeah right.

Alec lost Odell Beckham Jr. to a torn ACL but thankfully, someone in this league took him off his hands. Unreal. The final score in this one was 91.78 to 53.02 with Bills Deep picking up their second win of the year to move to tenth place while Hyde/Zeke I Guess? stays in twelfth place with a 1-6 record. Next week may be more enjoyable for both teams with new players. If anyone loses another player to a season-ending injury, they know who they’re talking to first though!

For those who lost, at this point, things may not get better. For those who won, congrats, you’ll get to trade with every team who’s worse than yours. See you next week.

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