4th and Inches Fantasy Recap – Week 10

Welcome back. After a week’s hiatus, we’ve reached the turning point in 4th and Inches. There’s just three weeks left to make the playoffs and the race is about as tight as it can get. There are only two games that separate the 8th place team from the third place team. It’s neck and neck, the trade deadline is over, and everyone’s spent their FAAB budget like Curt at the strip club.

EatSleepFantasy vs. Cheeks

This week Marque gets a silver platter of a game. After trading away his entire team not once or twice, but three times, he still hasn’t found the right pieces to score over 110 points. The best part about Marque winning was that he did it with four Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A sentence that got Sherm to do a pushup without any arms or legs. All four players combined to score 82.84 points, just 23 fewer than Alec’s entire team.

EatSleepFantasy sits at 5-5 and in 7th place and if they win another game, they’ll be knocking on the door of top four. The 142.74 to 105.42 victory was the biggest blowout of the week and oddly enough, doesn’t even knock out Alec from making the playoffs. With two wins Alec’s Cheeks could be squarely in the playoff race if things go his way. But, if you ask him, he’ll say he threw in the towel after week two.

Bills Deep vs. Tua Time

The second biggest blowout of the week came from Bills Deep over Tua Time. If there was an over/under for Randy and Tua Time at 115, it would be a very risky bet. Every week hovers right around that score. The most frustrating part has to be that there’s potential to score more.

Bills Deep has been on a bit of a streak lately and things may be coming together for the squad. However, just like Cheeks, they’ll need to go on a run to get back into the playoff hunt with their 3-7 record. The 139.36 to 116.46 victory is helpful, but doesn’t change anything on their end. The loss does hurt Randy and Tua Time as they cling to the 7th spot at 3-7. But again, just a win or two could solidify their spot in this year’s playoffs.

Fire the Cannons vs. Keenan & Kel

A big congratulations to Sherm winning a game that was much needed. After turning down nearly a dozen trade offers, he stayed put and didn’t make any moves. A bold strategy that we’ll have to wait and see if it pans out for him.

Coming into the week, Yianni and Keenan & Kel were 5-4 with the potential to move into the top four in the league. Unfortunately, he would’ve preferred the projections to be true rather than the final score. Projections showed his team winning handsomely, 137.13 to 114.42. Keenan & Kel fell flat on their face and scored 94.74 points to Fire the Cannon’s 116.26. Sherm gets the much needed win with an opportunity to improve as they take on Cheek’s this coming week.

Heal CMC vs. Let Russ Be Culinary

After flying high in week 9, Ron and Heal CMC thought they were on the fast track for a top three seed. Unfortunately for them, Slade and Let Russ Be Culinary somehow find a way to score just enough points each week to eek out a win.

Early projections showed Heal CMC losing 123.98 to 135.27. That was with a Mike Davis who could match McCaffrey, ok. Heal CMC scored 109 points which was almost good enough but 110.38 unfortunately tops that score.

LEt Russ Be Culinary maintains the top dog in the league while Heal CMC sits in 4th place with a flurry of teams behind him. As long as Alvin Kamara continues putting up stupid numbers, Slade should coast into the playoffs with less than three losses.

Muskies then Chubbie vs. MakeAndrewGreatAgain

Somehow, some way, Andrew continues to find a way to win each week. At this point it’s not luck, it’s destiny. With an 8-2 record, MakeAndrewGreatAgain will no longer have extra time come next year’s draft.

Tyler and Muskies then Chubbie has been treading water for the past few weeks floating with a .500 record but with a bright future ahead…supposedly. Michael Thomas has turned out to be irrelevant this season and with an injured Drew Brees, things may not change for him. Some positive news for him is that Austin Ekeler comes back sooner than anticipated and that could be huge for the team. The issue for Muskies remains at quarterback. A position that Andrew lucked out on this year. Kyler Murray has been an absolute monster all season even if he can’t see over a 5’10 human being.

MakeAndrewGreatAgain won 144 to 120.52 and he’ll square off against Bills Deep in week 11. Projections currently show him winning 138.19 to 80.91. Wow, can’t wait to see who wins that one.

Michael Thomas vs. Mahomie

Staying alive in the 8th spot is Nate and Michael Thomas. With a little luck and some help from a Chiefs bye week, Michael Thomas moves to 4-6 and moves just a little closer to solidifying a playoff position. And by a little closer, barely any movement at all.

After trying to trade in the last week against his opponent, Curt and Mahomie couldn’t get a deal done and ended up losing by a score of 102.88 to 79.82. Projections had them winning handsomely 131.08 to 122.3, but for some reason Yahoo thought Christian Kirk would continue to put berserk numbers. Oh well.

For those who lost, remember there’s always next week. For those who won, remember there’s always next week to screw things up. See you next week.

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