My Wife is a Master

I met my wife on the first day of college, move-in day, and knew from that moment there was something special about her. Although it took her just a little longer than I did to figure out we had chemistry, 10 years later we’re married and still rockin.

She recently graduated with her Master’s in Education, Suma cum Laude, Pi Lambda Theta, from Nazareth College. That’s after graduating with a degree in nutrition from SUNY Oswego. (I hope this is her last degree.)

To say that where she is today is because of others or outside forces could not be more incorrect. Everything she has done is because of her determination and will to change the lives of those around her. She is strong-willed, sometimes a little too strong, but if and when she wants to do something, it is best to just take a step back and let her do her thing.

She may ask for help along the way, and she may turn it down from time to time even though she needs it, but when she puts her mind to something, there is nothing or no one who can stand in her way.

She is someone who wants everyone around them to not just live up to their fullest potential, but she wants them to recognize and see it for themselves. It is never enough for her to tell someone that they could do or be better than they are. She takes the time and puts in the effort to show them that they could be more than they ever imagined. I know because she did and does the same for me every day.

I am so incredibly proud of her. And rather than saying that the future is bright for her, the future is bright for those who she meets.

Congratulations again, I love you!

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