We Screwed Up. Election 2016 Ed.

Let’s face it, we couldn’t have done much worse for this election. I’m sure there’s someone else out there who’s worse than 1 of the candidates, but we have 2 terrible choices! On one hand we have a politician with actual experience, credentials, a “reputation” if you will. On the other hand we have a wild-card firecracker who has business experience but also the mentality of a teenager. Oh, and don’t forget about the other candidates in Gary Johnson and Jill Stine. How could I forget about these two? These two probably were deadly on their college debate teams, but hold no merit when it comes to a presidential election.

Let’s get this out of the way now, I have no bias towards one candidate or another, I also won’t pretend like I know every policy and every detail about every candidate. But I do have an idea of who won’t destroy this country…I hope.


Hillary Clinton, what can we expect from her? We can most likely expect protesters at her inauguration ceremony, for the first year, then everyone forgets and goes back to their daily routine. I won’t say that she’s a lock for the election, but I do think that there’s a more likely scenario of her becoming POTUS opposed to The Trumpster. By no means is she a scot free candidate, but she has a better demeanor than that of the Donald. Hillary has some solid policies to make this country better, but with her reputation everyone knows that it’s say one thing and do another. Money speaks to her, along with the Clinton Foundation. As POTUS she would be held to much higher standards but then again we live in a very corrupt country.

Hillary has many blemishes, many! I think when it comes time for election day, people of the US will make the “right” decision by electing someone who won’t start WW3 or cut ties with our allies simply because, “I don’t like them.”

The Donald

Mr. Trump, there’s many names for this man; so many that he might not even know them all. I’m sure if there’s one that he doesn’t like though, he’ll sue the person who created it. Now there’s some things that Donald has a plan for that I truly believe in and think this country would greatly benefit from them. But what it boils down to is the positives out-weighing the negatives, and he just can’t seem to make that happen. When asked about foreign policies and other plans, it simply comes down to the, “I have a plan but I can’t tell anyone else because they’ll take my idea and then I’ll need to sue them.” Granted that’s a bit of a stretch, but his plans really don’t hold any merit. They’re loosely based on the premise of I have an idea, it’ll work because I’m Donald F****** Trump. I do envy the man since that takes some cajones to have that type of personality, or maybe arrogance, either way, go you Trump. But with no political backing and no political resume, maybe he would be a good fit. It’s a chance that many are willing to take to break away from the typical governmental regime. I just wonder if he would be able to keep his secret plans to himself or tweet them out before because he gets too excited.

Expect the Unexpected

We’re less than a week away from deciding the new face of the United States and everything is still hanging by a thread. Will Hillary’s new email release let Trump in the door to steal the win, will Trump’s antics solidify him as a loser and never accepting the results of a “rigged” election. There’s no guarantee at this point what will happen, there’s nothing that’s off the table though. The one thing we can 100% agree on at this point is that…we screwed up!

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