Last Chance at Romance

‘Tis the season, not for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, but the election. The smell in the air, the amazing social media posts, the phenomenal signs in peoples front yards, it’s wonderful! I always used to think that my vote never mattered, in a sense, it still doesn’t. With some research and news tune-ins, I was able to educate myself enough to learn that my vote will not elect the next president, but all of our votes together will elect the next president. We vote to show the electoral college how the want to vote, but what if they don’t vote how we vote. What if they decide that they really want Trump or Hillary while we vote for the opposite? Enough negative rhetoric.

Tomorrow morning when we all wake up, at least the majority of us who weren’t, “voting early and often,” will cast our only ballot for our candidate of “choice.” I say choice because we made our bed and it’s kind of like a homeless guy down the street took a nap in it and we have no where else to sleep. We screwed ourselves, big time. We picked the two worst options because, we like what they say more than someone else? Like we were taught in college, you better pad your resume. Get some experience, make contacts, you’ll go far…in 15 years. This election is basically like applying for a management position with a high school diploma but the vision of Steve Jobs and with the actions of a teenager.

It’s amazing how this election many of us have turned a blind eye to what these two have said. Racial comments, bigotry, saying one thing and doing another, anything to get elected. Deception, hateful rhetoric, the list goes on for these two. I mean when it comes time to vote, I don’t like either candidate, but think of whom would be first to freak out over something petty like their hair not looking good for a painting at their charity. Anyone who’s done their research on this election should know exactly who I’m speaking of. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you probably shouldn’t be voting. Voting for this election solely based on the fact of one candidate did something you didn’t like. Turning a blind eye to what your candidate says but being a hypocrite on the other side, come onnnn.

Come tomorrow when you go to hit the button for president, just take one hard look at yourself and know that one of the candidates represents all of the things wrong with America. But, who am I to tell you what to do, I simply am just making a recommendation to you. Who knows, this is our last chance at romance for this election.

Everyone should get out and vote tomorrow as well! No this is not all about politics, but man, there’s just so much to write and talk about!


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