Europe 2016


Yes, that’s the queen of England. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet her, but this is roughly 30 feet away shot with an iPhone 4, long story about the phone. But pretty amazing seeing the queen. Haven’t ever been in the same state as the president of my country, and we’re in London for 72 hours and here she passes. One of the coolest things in life by far! My grandma was always a big fan of her, never understood why either. Her side of the family was from Scotland and it was always my understanding that the British overtook Scotland so there was bitter feelings, but what do I know? I could be totally off and being the millennial that I am, I’m not going to check immediately. Save it for later….

My girlfriend and I went to Europe for 10 days this past summer and it was absolutely amazing. Meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and of course seeing the world! IMG_0135.jpg

Going to the Tower of London and seeing the Crown Jewels, the London Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Stone Henge, the iconic city of Bath, Buckingham Palace, the Banking  District, and eating some of the best food we’ve ever eaten! An unreal experience, and that was only in London, we also went to Paris which made us wish we spent more time in London.

Don’t get me wrong, Paris is a great city, but if you’re not a fan of New York City, you won’t be a fan of Paris. It has a lot of history to it, but it leaves lots to be desired. We did the typical touristy things there, the Eiffel Tower, Moulon rouge, Musee D’Orsay, Locks of Love, L’Opera, Notre Dame, Versailles, and the infamous Catacombs which required a 2:30 hour wait standing. Well worth it though!IMG_0612.jpg

I apologize if anyone is offended with the pictures of the deceased, but get over yourself. One of the greatest trips ever with some amazing pictures to remember it all by! My girlfriend convinced me it was the time to go and we booked our flight once I graduated college. Pretty sick present. Let me know if you have had any cool experiences or also went visited these as well!


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