Where do we go from here?

I know, I know, I said this wouldn’t be a blog about political problems. But I promise this is the last one, and a good one at that. The election is over, and the majority of us, literally the majority, is left wondering where do we go from here. Wondering what can possibly be done to not allow Donald Trump to…gulp…become our president. I’ve always hated when people put words in my mouth, but this puts new meaning to that saying. It’s hard to truly understand the magnitude of what is happening around the world. Something many of us have zero control over is effecting millions around the world. Millions of people in other countries are scared of what has just happened here in America. It truly proves how broken this country really is and that we do need something to revitalize us, maybe it is Donald, but is this the chance we want to take? Before you stop reading, it gets better, trust me.

We do “owe” it to Donald to give him a chance. As terrible as it is, we need to allow him the opportunity to prove it to us that he did win, let’s see whatcha got. I’ve always hated when I was written off before I was even given a chance, so I guess I have to live by my motto and respect him, for now. Who knows, maybe everything that he’s said and every article written about his plans is false, I hope so. I keep telling myself that he’ll do a decent job and won’t start WW3 or turn American civilians against one another, I truly hope so. The problem, I don’t believe myself. I just don’t see it happening. I hope I’m wrong!

With all of the policies that he want’s to change, LGBT rights, environmental policies, trade policies, illegal immigrants. Judging a book by its cover, which is truly justifiable in this situation, it seems like we’re going to regress 50 years as a nation. My dad told me that he thought Trump would actually sabotage his campaign because he thought that it would get to a point in his campaign where he realized he had had enough. It seemed at one point that was the case, but people still listened, then it continued, and more and more people backed him. It was astonishing to see. It’s evident that Americans want change in Washington and they’re fed up with being lied to and screwed out of their civil rights and liberties, but what does he represent? He doesn’t represent something that’s positive. For cripes sakes, the KKK is in full support of him!

He did select a Vice President who is 100% anti-gay and actually believes that the gay can be taken out of a person. Interesting view right? But Trump also selected someone who is actually in total denial of global warming and plans to go back to using coal and natural gas to power America since it’s cheaper. It’s cheaper? Really? It’s cheaper now because we’re in a bit of a recession, but it won’t be cheaper in 30 years when we have to spend billions to get rid of old energy and replace it with renewable energy. Not only are those two a blemish on his cabinet so far, but his business is something that’s scary to think about. When elected, the president is required to put their assets in to a blind trust. Trump plans to leave his children in charge of his businesses and never have any contact with them since, “they’re pennies to me.” Your business is pennies to you? You claim that they have accumulated enough wealth to make yourself worth $10 billion. Even though your taxes would say closer to $1.5 billion, but we can’t say for sure, you won’t release your taxes. Your children is not a blind trust. You’re going to have foreign policies that will effect your businesses and you damn well know that you’re going to do something positive for them. You will have zero contact with your children in regards to the business? Really? At Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, hey kids hows the business, I mean how’s life? Really, come on.

I won’t say Hillary was the ideal candidate in this election, I would hardly say she’s a better candidate than Trump, but I think that we’d be a bit more at ease with her at the helm opposed to rallying in the street and hosting riots at the White House. I truly hope that he surprises us all and is a respectable president and actually, “makes America great again.” I want to quote that just in case Donald sees that and tries to sue me for not giving him credit for his slogan. It’s scary, but I’m optimistic, but fearful, and open-minded. I definitely have one question left. Where do we go from here?

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