The Sun King and his Palace in Versailles

Now Showing on Netflix, Versailles

Stumbling upon different shows is everyones favorite part about Netflix. Once you just finished a great show, you haven’t been searching for anything in the meantime so finding something new is a great surprise. I always find different shows and add them to My List, but my girlfriend either has a different show that she wants to watch or has zero interest in what I’ve added. This show is no different.

Currently we’re going through the Office, my second time, her first. Since she goes to work earlier than I do, she goes to bed a little earlier than I. So, what’s a man to do with an extra hour to two every night? Besides starting a blog and finishing it a week, sometimes two later, Netflix is the best answer. Yes I can read a book, I just started a pretty good one too actually. It’s called What Customers Want by Anthony W. Ulwick. It’s about finding out what customers want and actually developing a product that fits needs, not creating products that customers want. A good read to say the least. I digress. This show Versailles though, really intense.

When I found the show, I was pretty much intrigued since we’d actually been there before. When we arrived I had no idea that this place was this extraordinary. The freaking gate is made out of gold!


The artwork inside is just masterpiece after masterpiece. Exceptional detail went in to every item. I mean look at the window handles. They’re brass but they’re still unbelievable.


So sine we’d been there, I was automatically intrigued to start this show. Once I started the first episode, I was hooked. I finished the 10 episode season in less than 5 days…each episode is an hour long. The series is loosely based on King Louis the XIV, aka the Sun King’s early life. He’s in his mid-20’s and is the leader of France. It’s before his gorgeous palace is actually built but they’re in the early stages of it. The base of the palace was actually his fathers hunting lodge that he added on to in order to create his lavish palace. The gardens however were still there, unbelievable gardens. The grounds keepers have their work cut out for them but they do an amazing job. The show does an extraordinary job at showing the palace and gardens that actually exist there. I’m not sure how much of the actual show was filmed there, but it’s still incredible.


It’s not your typical history/documentary either. Since it’s loosely based, it’s more of a drama but it’s just so good! How good you ask? It’s a British show and one of the most expensive shows ever, not just for Britain. It was approximately in excess of 250 million Euros. The costumes, the scenery, the everything is so lavish, just like the actual King himself. If you don’t believe me, I got a picture with him at a shop in Versailles.


So if you’re looking for your next show on Netflix, I highly highly highly suggest Versailles. Extremely interesting and every episode just rolls in to the next. The soundtrack is also awesome. Just an all around great show. If you’re not a fan of it, let me know and I will suggest something else for you.

PS. This was on the train ride back to Paris. My girlfriend might not be the biggest fan of this picture. Love you 🙂


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