What’s Happening Here?

It’s been 10 days since we swore in our new commander in chief. I’ve still yet to say his name in a full sentence. I still refuse to say President and his name in the same sentence. Donald Trumps’ name will never precede the word. President. See, there was a period there. I know that he is the POTUS, but I still know that he doesn’t represent me and my views. I won’t deny that he, in fact, is the POTUS, but I won’t give him credit for “winning” the election. Yes, there’s tons of information stating that it was rigged, that it was hacked, that it was both. But truthfully, at the end of the day the results are there and I mean there’s really nothing that we can do about him being president.

However, we do have civil rights and we are able to voice our opinion about what he is doing with his power in office. The most recent order receiving backlash is the Muslim ban. Excuse me, it’s not about religion, it’s a ban on people from countries where the majority of the population practices Muslim. Not about religion at all. However, it is interesting that the list doesn’t include where Trump conducts his business, but obviously Trump knows better than to abuse his power in office to help his own businesses out. That would be a conflict of interest.

I can only imagine what is to come in the next four years, although I hope it’s only four months. But then we get another wonderful bundle of joy in Mike Pence to take over. The┬álargest problem is the people who are Trump supporters. I won’t say they are stupid, I won’t say that they are wrong. But I will say that they need to look at more than what Trump is saying. When you get your news from FOX News and only listen to other extremely right-winged news sources. Not saying those sources are wrong, they’re just “alternative facts” from what everyone else is seeing. I tend to make sure that I have my facts in order first, or stop talking once I’ve gotten in to territory which I’m not familiar with, which is very difficult for me since I find it hard to shut up at times. So I make sure that I look at different news sources and websites before actually talking about it. There’s a lot out there, a lot of information and a lot of different news sources, so I can see how putting in the extra work is difficult if you can’t read. Hahaha, sorry, I had a great opportunity. But there is a lot that goes in to ensuring that you know what you’re talking about before just blabbing about how Hillary is corrupt, Bernie is an idiot and how Trump is a genius and so smart because he’s a very, very smart man.

I don’t know, it’s just extremely difficult for me to understand how people are so against views when there’s more than one side. you can’t continue to make claims about a situation based off of one news source, especially if that source is extremely biased. Get a few sources, bring me your findings and I’m more than happy to have a civil discussion about politics and who knows, maybe you’ll actually shed some light on my and I can learn something that I didn’t know.

Getting back to Trump’s orders however, it’s astonishing to see how he’s writing order after order and when President Obama even tried to get something passed, conservatives say he’s being a dictator and abusing his power. It also goes without saying that when President Obama tried getting bills and laws passed, Republicans were extremely opposed and tried blocking his efforts. I mean, it’s literally the pot calling the kettle black. Oh, and how numerous members of Trump’s cabinet are using a private email server, exactly comparable to Hillary Clinton’s, former President Bush, and other government officials, and how his supporters are actually OK with them! HOW?!?! So it’s ok for your people to do it but when Hillary does it, she’s corrupt. Also how Trump is tweeting, which I will nearly guarantee gets the US in trouble, from his own unprotected Twitter account. Wonderful, just wonderful how when the facts are there, everyone turns a bling eye to what truly matters. And that’s that we have a man in power who is for the people, who is actually for himself and his billionaire cronies, and not a woman who was corrupt and would do anything to win the White House.

These next few years, months, weeks, days are going to be extremely interesting to say the least. But seriously, what’s happening here?

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