Anthony Wilkerson #32 Stanford Running Back

Anthony Wilkerson #32 Stanford Running Back

When players come out of Stanford they are more highly sought after by professionals outside of the sports world.  However in recent years Stanford alums have seemed to have broken that stereotype.  With big time names in the NFL now such as Richard Sherman, Andrew Luck and Doug Baldwin to name a few, Stanford is slowly but surely making a name for themselves in the NFL.  Anthony Wilkerson is looking to make himself known now as well.  The 6 foot 1 inch 214 pound running back has been breaking and dodging tackles throughout his collegiate career to make it to where he is now, an NFL prospect.  While he may not be the quickest player in the upcoming NFL Draft, he is a powerful back who has explosive legs.  While people may wonder if he can handle the pressure of being in the NFL, he simply states that he has played in 4 straight BCS games.  Winning the Orange Bowl and a Rose Bowl to his credit, Anthony Wilkerson is NFL ready.  Anthony was invited to the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl this past winter where he was able to learn and meet many of his future competitors.  In an interview at the NFLPA Bowl, Anthony stated, “It’s been an awesome and humbling experience.  Meeting these guys from all over the nation is awesome.  Everyone is from a different background and that’s neat.  The coaching staff was incredible for me.  Dick Vermeil, Priest Holmes and Daunte Culpepper were just amazing.”  When asked about Priest Holmes’s presence, Anthony replied, “He has had a big impact on me.  I’ve always been a fan of him.  I watched his film not knowing I would meet him here.  He told me to be patient and focused.  His instincts have definitely rubbed off on me.”

Coming out of high school, Anthony was a 4 Star Recruit.  He was the 11th best RB in the nation and the 80th overall prospect on ESPN.  Logging over 2,843 yards and 43 touchdowns as a senior, Anthony was a true stud on the football field, but that is not the only reason he went to Stanford.  Anthony was named as a National Football Foundation College Hall of Fame Scholar Athlete as well.  Having brains and a football body molded Anthony into the Stanford grad we see today.  Once at Stanford however, Anthony was faced with adversity and competition.  Being on a team with several running backs he knew he would have to work harder and longer to be the star of the squad.  With making big play after big play at Stanford, Anthony carried the Stanford Cardinal to a win over Washington.  He broke the Cardinal’s single-game team rushing record with 446 yards, 2 touchdowns along with one of the scores being a 93 yard scamper.  NFL scouts know Anthony’s name and talents, they just have to pick him on draft day.

PPI Fire 5

  1. Favorite Food?

Anthony: My mom’s meatloaf, mmm.

  1. Must have fashion accessory?

Anthony: I’m trying to bring back the fanny pack.

  1. A nickname fans can call you?

Anthony: A-Wilk, Wilk, in high school my nickname was Twix because I ate a lot of Twix.

  1. Favorite Hobby?

Anthony: I do a little music making but I love to spend time with my kitty.  I love kittens.

  1. Where can fans follow you?

Anthony: Instagram is @anthonywilkerson32 and Twitter is @awilk32

Written by: Nate Winans

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