We’ve all got time

We’ve all got as much or as little time as we want. It all depends on how we look at time. We create a list of things we’d like to accomplish before we die. We fantasize about what we’d do if we had more time in a day. We realize that eventually, we run out of time. At the end of it all, there’s more than we could have done with our time. So why do we say that we have time to kill?

How can we have such little time and actually say that we have time to kill? It’s the most valuable item that we will ever have in our possession. We can’t get more, we can’t get reimbursed. Once it’s gone, we only have our memories and future events to look forward to.

What to do with it

What’s the best way to spend our limited amount of time? We all have specific goals, specific adventures we’d like to go on, specific people we’d like to meet. How can we do all of that and still do what needs to be done? We need to work, we need to have our families, we need fun, we need to sleep. How are we supposed to manage all of this time that we need to be so precise with? Life is difficult, burdensome, phenomenal, exciting, and the list goes on and on. We go through our daily routines and find that we waste more time thinking about what we should be doing, than actually doing. It’s the hardest part of life, doing. It’s what separates the great ones. Those who think about doing, and those who follow through on doing.

Tick tock

With all this time that we have, we really are clueless when it comes with how to best spend it. Knowing that every second counts, how will you spend your precious seconds? I’m still young, and I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’m always trying to learn more. I consider myself a sponge. I can sit back and listen to everyone converse in the room around me, and know when it’s my time to speak. I’ve listened to what everyone else has talked about, and I know what’s going on. I can read the room, and I can read the people in it. Thus allowing me to use my seconds wisely and learn. I’m always trying to learn more and learn as much as I can while the clock stays everlasting ticking.



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