How to Create your Perfect Wedding Website


Marriage is a wonderful and special time for any couple. It is a day of coming together and happiness. Needless to say most newlyweds want to cherish the moment with as many close friends and family members as possible. The perfect way to share that moment is to create a wedding website. It’s a great way to give guests a preview of the special day and find all of the information needed regarding the event.

Where Do You Go?

The first step in creating your own wedding website is determining which website builder to use. There are many free website builders available, but not all of them provide the same functionality of a paid website. One of the most popular websites to use is This site offers many different layouts and it is easy to use create a wedding website.

The majority of paid websites offer a one-time fee or a subscription-based model. One of the standouts is Depending on the wedding budget, the couple making the site need to keep in mind that different prices include different features.

Some of the different features that you’ll want to consider before creating your own wedding website are sending electronic invites, receiving RSVP notices, adding filters to pictures and a gift registry to name only a few. Your choice for your wedding website builder is integral to each of these functions and should be considered long before uploading any information.

Creating your own wedding website has never been easier with all the options out there. Other sites to consider are, and We recommend looking at wedding websites that you’ve liked in the past and comparing samples you see on each wedding website builder homepage.

What Layout Should You Use?

Once you’ve decided on the wedding website builder of your choice and the functions you need, the next step in creating a perfect wedding website is determining which layout will be utilized. Each website will have different layouts available for the user to select. Depending on the website, some layouts may have an extra price compared to other layouts that are available. Each layout offers a preview allowing the user to gain a better understanding of what their website will look like.

Post Your Story

Once the layout has been determined, the next step is to upload the content. Depending on the website used, you can upload as much or as little information as you please. Most websites allow the users to return to the site at any time to upload or change information on the website. This allows the busy couple to create a wedding website in their free time and make updates as they happen.

In order to reduce confusion, however, the creators of the website should not allow visitors to view their website until there is enough information about the wedding. This will ensure that prospective guests do not get conflicting information or rely on plans that have changed. The key is to input the content that is most important and related to the wedding. Unless you’re sure about what you’re posting, less is more!

Spread The Word!

After the information has been uploaded is the time that all your friends and family will be invited to see your site! Most website builders offer the tool to send this link to your contact list via email. The link is the unique address to your specific wedding website and will be used throughout the wedding process.

Just the Facts

One of the last steps in creating your own wedding website is to finish uploading all of the information. As you get closer to the big day, you begin to know all the particulars of the event. This is when you get to post that information. It fills all your guests in on everything they can expect on the special day beyond the core specifics you supplied earlier in the process. The most important information when you create a wedding website in this stage is the wedding venue, directions to the venue, time of the reception, and the gift registry. All of the other information is vital, but these are the most essential pieces to the wedding and need to be made sure that they are taken care of properly.

Staying Updated is Key

An optional step in creating your own wedding website is to send updates when changes are made to the site. Sometimes people enjoy knowing what is happening in real time. It also helps the guests know where the couple is in their wedding process. Think of it like a Facebook update wall.

There are many options for creating a wedding website for your wedding. The key is to decide which makes the most sense for your needs before posting any information. Check out the tools that each website builder offers and decide your own look, feel and method of information delivery. Once that is decided, it’s time to spread the word and enjoy chronicling your wedding for all your loved ones to see! With this in mind, you’re sure to be able to create a wedding website that everyone will love!



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