1 Tech, 2 Tech, 3 Tech, More?

We all know the saying, “More is Better.” But is having more service technicians really better for your company? More technicians means more service calls, more service calls means more money, but more technicians means paying out more money as well. But what if I told you that in this scenario, less is more?

Now before you run out and fire half or all of your staff after reading this, think about your business and it’s needs. Also, I don’t want someone getting fired on my behalf, that wouldn’t be cool. But what I am saying is that if you are looking to expand your business by hiring a new technician or two, slow down, take a deep breath, and make an informed decision because maybe, just maybe, you don’t actually need that new tech.

First let’s figure out how many technicians you need in order to provide your customers with the best service possible. Steve Jobs once said that you need to make sure you’re only hiring A-players. A small team of A-players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players. Ooohh Steve Jobs, obviously this doesn’t relate to me, I’m in a totally different industry, on the contrary!

Let’s say you have 5 technicians (B and C players), who more often than not, show up late to a call, stand around, or just downright give bad service to the customer. Now say you have 3 technicians (A players), who show up on time, get the job done right and provide the customer with excellent service. Which scenario do you think yields a higher income? I hope you said the second scenario, because you would be correct. How likely would a customer call for services again if their experience was the first scenario? Having a technician who shows up late to a call, gives bad service, doesn’t make good repairs, will not only see themselves in another job, but it hurts your business just as much. Customers want to know that every technician you send to their house is going to be the best one possible. They want to know that their technician will get there on time, do the job right, and be pleasant throughout the duration of that repair.

One way of actually calculating if you truly need another technician would be to use this formula. Take the total of all contracts and work orders from the previous year. Divide that total by 12 (gives the average per month), then divide by the total number of working days in a month (21) to determine the average number written per day, divide that daily average by 12. That number will either show you either, a.) you have too few technicians, b.) you have the right number of technicians, or c.) you have too many technicians.

Now if you came to the conclusion that you do need another technician, there’s many different avenues you can take to find one. For starters it depends on how YOU want to go about finding a technician. Do you want to find a technician who was fired from another job but knows everything there is to know, or do you want to find a young kid who just got out of a Vocational School but has zero real world experience? That’s a difficult decision and only you are the one who can make it. One option would be head-hunting in local newspapers, advertisements or flyers. Another option may be using local employment services, but both of these avenues may result in people who are just desperate for a job. There is no right answer on how to find your new technician besides looking around and having a solid job description. The description alone would help weed out candidates who are just job searching from the ones who you actually want.

So, do you still think you need that extra technician or is your business all set where it stands. There are always opportunities for increasing your profits, and one of those ways could be Coolfront Mobile. There’s nothing wrong with change, but sometimes it can be scary since it’s the unknown world of technology. If you are looking to learn more about how change can benefit you, check out this next article on Why You and Your Technicians Should Embrace Mobile Technology.

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