3 Things Flat-Rate Nate Wants you to Know

Since you’re on our website, you must have heard of Coolfront, and you must be looking for some quick answers to your questions about what we do and what flat-rate pricing is. I’m happy to answer any further questions along with my colleagues Judy and Derek as we are all on the Sales and Support team.

1.) Coolfront simplifies flat-rate pricing



Coolfront takes the guessing work out of setting your flat-rate prices. You simply enter in your hourly rate(s). I say rates because you most likely have more than one rate. Standard daily rate, after hours rate, weekend rate, 2 man rate, 3 man rate, over 20 mile rate. You also set your parts mark up on our easy sliding scale. Typically we see our customers use the 5 and 1.75 numbers to markup their prices. Once you have all of your rates in and your markup set, simply select the repair you need, and your flat-rate price is presented to you and your customer!

2.) Presenting the price to your customer is easy!

Rather than presenting the customer with a price where you hope they say yes, or you have to add a discount for them to accept the price, Coolfront takes out that hassle. Once the technician has checked the situation at the customer’s house/business and added the repairs to the work order, the customer will then be presented with an approval screen that allows them to accept or deny the repairs on the work order. This way the customer knows before any work has been performed what they will pay. They also know that if the technician is there for 7 hours when they said they’d only be there for 3, they still pay the same amount. Because customers see an up front price, they are  much more responsive to this pricing format.

3.) 50 free, why not me?

This is basically to assure you that before you dive in with two feet, you can test the water to make sure that it’s calm and the right temperature. With Coolfront Mobile, you won’t be spending thousands of dollars a month or have any setup fees, not even cancellation fees. Starting up takes 5 minutes and gets the ball rolling. With the 50 free work orders to ensure that you and your business become familiar with the program and before you’ve actually spent a dime on Coolfront Mobile, you can actually increase your profits through using the program. If you use 5 of the free work orders and you pick it up with no problems, the remaining 45 work orders can be used to actually run service calls on. Plus, don’t forget about the Zero-Cost aspect of Coolfront Mobile!

As I mentioned myself, Derek or Judy are always willing to answer any questions that you may have and provide demonstrations when it’s convenient for you. You can call our Sales and Support line at 888-229-4100 or email sales@coolfront.com.


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