Starting up preventative maintenance

Perhaps you’ve seen your competitors and other contractors that have been in business for many years continue to grow on an annual basis. Even if you, too, have been in business for years, you might be missing your opportunity to offer preventative maintenance agreements. Maintenance agreements, otherwise known as service agreements, allows you to get paid on a monthly basis, increase your overall profits, establish a genuine and comfortable relationship with your customer, and retain them for years to come. From company to company, we’ve noticed that each agreement differs slightly, even if it’s just by price. In our program, Coolfront Agreements, we have a built-in calculator that allows you to customize how much to charge for your agreements to ensure that you’ll be profitable while still offering your customers a great price!

We have worked with several colleagues who have spent years in the field to draft up what the most important features should be in your maintenance agreement program.

5 Goals of Maintenance:


  • Assure safety of operation & equipment
  • Comfort
  • Efficiency
  • Trouble-free performance
  • Advise


  1. Assure Safety

Check electrical components and wiring for wear

Check for proper venting and drains

Test for carbon monoxide

Test for gas leaks

Test electrical component performance

  1. Comfort

Visual inspection of distribution system for problems

Ask customer about performance

Check temperatures of supply & return

Check thermostat operation & program

Service filters, humidifiers, UV lights

  1. Efficiency

Test electrical performance of components

Test combustion efficiency

Test refrigerant performance

Test air or water pressures

Check for water or air leaks

  1. Trouble-Free Performance

Test all components

Clean burners and ignition system

Clean coils as needed

Clean cabinets

Clean blower as needed

Clean venting and condensate system

Keep an eye out for any issues that may be on the horizon

  1. Advise

Give summary of equipment condition and expected viability

Make customer aware of any safety issues

Offer solutions to any safety or comfort concerns

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