Sports, absolutely amazing

As much as you may deny it, you love sports, just admit it. We all played some type of sport growing up, some more than others. No we were never going to play on a professional level or maybe even a collegiate level, but we had dreams. Sports taught us cooperation, teamwork, bonding, brother/sisterhood, the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory. All of these traits that later in life we truly appreciate.

Fantasy Football is the largest “sport” played worldwide (I just made that up but it sounds legitimate.) Still, millions of people every year join leagues, research for countless hours to find out who to draft and in which round. Other fantasy sports like baseball, basketball and soccer are also wildly popular around the world with people winning millions of dollars every year by playing. I’m one of the people who puts in the stupid amount of hours to draft smart for Fantasy Football only to have my number 1 draft pick tear his acl week one.

But sports are great! There’s nothing that brings people together more than sporting events. Look at a small country in Iceland. They made the round of 8 in this years European Championship. A country that has roughly 300,000 people has one of the best soccer teams in Europe, a place known for having some of the best soccer teams and soccer players in the entire world! Spain, England, Germany, Portugal, France, and Iceland with 300,000 made it to the round of 8. Granted some of those teams I mentioned made it that far or farther, but it’s ridiculous! To see an entire country come together for the greater good of the team is wild. They became superstars due to their signature viking clap as well.

Take a look at the Super Bowl too, who doesn’t watch that? The largest televised event in the world…the Super Bowl. People who don’t even like football or sports in general make it their mission to watch the big game and join their family and friends to watch and eat some of the best food you’ll eat all year, besides Thanksgiving.

Sports allow everyone to feel connected and on the same team. In the office, everyone can work together for the greater good. It’s the camaraderie of sports that keep businesses thriving and booming. So the next time someone tells you sports are boring or just yells out…SPORTS!!, give them some knowledge and tell them sports rule.



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