Life, the Struggle is Real

Life Advice from a 24 Year Old Who’s Also Looking for Advice

Holy shit, there is so much to do. School is great, you learn a lot, unless you actually have a plan to further your life and experience things. No matter how many books you read, no matter how many people you talk to, no matter what you experience, there’s never anything that can prepare you for the difficult times in your life. Everyone always says that once you reach the real world, things get real. Well god damn’t are they right. When shit hits the fan, it doesn’t just spray around the room, it sprays everywhere you go. You went to get ice cream on a hot day, here’s a nice little shit sprinkle topping for you. You just got a new car, here’s an old man who ran a red light and just smashed in to you. It’s not even a matter of things going right, it’s just things that pile up and pile up that make things difficult.


This isn’t some post about being depressed r feeling sorry for myself. This is just venting about driving over a small rock that makes the car thud. Then hitting a speed bump at 20 miles an hour that makes your head hit the ceiling. Then making a wrong turn and bouncing so hard that your right-front tire falls off and your brakes are now spraying fluid all across the road and you’re sliding uncontrollably down a slope…but then you hit a foam pad and slide safely in to a boat filled with marshmallow fluff on way to a set for Ghost Busters 17, The Revenge of the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. But seriously, life hits you hard, and when you think it can’t hit any harder, it does. But it’s about being able to be resilient and bounce back. To not take anything personally and move forward and be a beast.

The Results

The aftermath of a rocky road that slides you off a freaking cliff is scary, you’re sliding the whole way down and all that you can see is a pit of despair that’s teeth are chomping like your bosses wind up teeth that are freaky as hell. But just before the dark, there’s the light. The light that didn’t just magically shine because it felt like saving your ass. Not because there’s light that someone else turned on to say hey man, it’s pretty dark in here. It’s the light that we turn on ourselves. It’s the experiences and the strength that we build up from being an intern and being the grunt worker. It’s from being the volunteer on a cold rainy Sunday that results on wet shoes and smelling like old beer from a bottle drive. It’s the snowy days that we spent as kids shoveling Old Mother Goose’s 100 yard sidewalk covered in 3 feet of snow for $10 bucks.

No Matter What

No matter what life throws our way, it’s having the ability to be agile, flexible, buoyant, lively, quick, and sharp. If there’s things in life that you want, it’s not that life says na na na boo boo, you can’t have this. It’s that you just have to work harder than someone else did. Knowing what you want in life, or even having some sort of idea of it and putting energy towards it. Spending our valuable time doing things that we enjoy, doing things we love and doing things that make us better human beings. It’s a culmination of this that makes us resilient and able to bounce back no matter what.


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