An Interview with Larry English

An article I wrote for Pro Player Insiders circa 2015.

In every sport there are superstars, there are the players who never lived up to the hype, the one’s who’s careers ended early due to injuries.  No matter what type of player there is, they always give back to wherever they came from.  Some come from tough backgrounds, some don’t, regardless of backgrounds they are always helping out local communities.  Larry English, Outside Linebacker for the San Diego Chargers is just one of the many who gives back to his community.  “The Larry English L.E.A.D. Foundation is committed to creating opportunities to broaden the mindset of youth athletes by empowering them with advanced programming in education and professional development to help them achieve their dreams.”  Larry holds a football camp every year with current and former NFL players to mentor today’s youth on proper football techniques, the awareness of head trauma and sports related injuries along with the academic importance of sports.  Larry is a dedicated individual who is set on giving back to help mentor today’s young athletes so they might one day be able to play in the NFL like himself.

“I really wanted a chance when I was this age to really be in front of an NFL player, to know 2 or 3 concrete examples of what it takes to get to that level.”  Larry also went on to say that is can provide motivation to young athletes being around guys who have had success and accomplished some of their own goals.    Larry not only has teammates, coaches and specialists at his camp, but his mother and grandfather join in as well.  When asked about his personal mentor as a kid, “My mom was very important and influential growing up.  My mom and my grandfather helped me through a lot and I am glad that they are able to be here for my camp.  My grandfather is out here even at 86 years old.  He really instilled the characteristics to accomplish where I am at today.”  The Larry English camp is free for 9th to 12th grade students to get a better grasp on the fundamentals.

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