Kadron Boone and JC Copeland Interview

An article I wrote for Pro Player Insiders circa 2015.

The link to this post is: http://proplayerinsiders.com/nfl-player-team-news-features/lsu-draft-picks-kadron-boone-jc-copeland-chop/

Interviewing professional players and players looking to turn professional yields many different results.  Some players are nervous while other players embrace the interview and have a ball.  JC Copeland and Kadron Boone are the second types of interviewees.  Joking around and just taking in the experience of being an NFL Draft prospect, these two guys are loving life.  Both out of LSU, a school known as one of the top NFL breeding schools in the country, are looking to make the turn to play on Sundays.  Kadron, an athletic WR and JC a wrecking ball at FB, both have the size and playmaking ability in order to succeed in the NFL.  Both were invited to play in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in California where JC was named game MVP.  Something the scouts will take into consideration on draft day.

Coming out of high school, JC Copeland was still the 270-pound boulder we know today, he just played on the opposite side of the ball.  JC was one of the top defensive ends in the country.  He was ranked the 25th best prospect in Georgia and the 17th best defensive end in the country.  He was selected to the Georgia North vs. South All-Star Game in 2009 as a senior.  A Superprep All-American who compiled an astonishing 27 sacks as a senior, JC was looking to be a top defensive end in the country in college.  Although once Les Miles, LSU Tigers football coach, got a hold of JC, he quickly recognized JC had the potential to be an amazing fullback.  Now after his 4 years at LSU, JC Copeland enters the NFL Draft as the number 3 prospect at FB.

On the other side of the ball and from a different state, Kadron Boone was a high school sensation as well.  Coming out of Florida, Kadron was a member of the Rivals.com top 250 and was also the number 12 WR in the nation.  Named to the Superprep All-American and Dixie Team, he was invited to play for the blue team at the 2010 Under-Armor All-American Bowl.  A bowl game for the top high school prospects to give one last look of themselves for the college scouts. While Kadron is slightly smaller than JC weighing in at 202 pounds, he has speed and an outstanding leaping ability.  Once both players met at LSU training camp, the two connected.  JC said about his fellow teammate, “He’s been my A1 since day one. Me and KB have been brothers since day one.”

While the two may be comedians off the field, they know it takes a lot of hard work on the field to stay ahead of the competition.  When asked about making the transition to the NFL, Kadron Boone replied, “Adjusting to the game is going to be different.  The guys are going to be bigger, faster and stronger.  It’s going to be different in the aspect of there’s no schoolwork anymore.  It’s strictly football now, it’s a full-time job.”  Keeping in mind they still get to have fun every now and again.  JC and Kadron look to join an astonishing amount of LSU alums in the NFL.  A few to name would be Rueben Randle, Stevan Ridley, and Tyrann Mathieu.  Making sure they don’t get out of shape before the season, JC gave us some inside tips as to how they’ll be staying in shape.  “We’re gonna go to jersey to train and grind it out and get someone on one attention so we can be the best that we can be.”  Kadron agreed and also stated, “We have very similar practices here as we did at LSU.  Same style and tempo and terminology so that allowed a smooth transition for us already know what we were getting into.”



PPI Fire 5

  1. Go to fashion accessory?

Kadron: In Cali I would probably rock some Levi’s with a V-neck, throw some Jordan’s on and some shades.  I’d be good to go.

JC: I like to be more low key, I’ll wear jogging pants, some nice kicks.  Throw on my SEC Championship ring and a hat as well.

  1. Go to snack?

Kadron: I would have to say Ruffles sour cream and cheddar chips or Riddles skittles.

JC: I like milk and cookies.

  1. A nickname fans need to know?

Kadron: JC is the Punisher.

JC: He goes by O’Calas finest.  It’s something original.  Or KB works too.

  1. If you could be a superhero, which one would you choose?

Kadron: I would have to say flash, I’ll just take the ball and run into the end zone.

JC: I’d be the Incredible Hulk.  I’m big, strong and I knock people around.



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