Get to know Dwight Freeney

An article written for Pro Player Insiders.

He is a 250 pound lineman out of Syracuse University who has been wreaking havoc for offenses across the NFL for over 15 years.  Dwight Jason Freeney, from Hartford Connecticut, has become one of the best defensive lineman in the NFL for the past decade.  Compiling over 300 tackles and 108 sacks, Dwight Freeney has solidified a spot in Canton Ohio at the NFL Hall of Fame.  Since Dwight was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 2002, he has piled up numerous accolades such as AFC Defensive Player of the Year, NFL sacks leader and the NFL 2000’s All-Decade Team to name a few.  There are also little known facts about Dwight that help make him who he is, a role model.  Dwight Freeney, the defensive lineman who terrorizes offenses on Sundays is a huge role model.  Creating his own foundation and helping out fellow teammates with theirs, Dwight hopes to make kids dreams come true one day.  Here are some more facts about Dwight that may not be known to all.


  1. Dwight Freeney signed one of the most lucrative contracts for a defensive player ever. In 2007 after his rookie contract with the Colts expired, Dwight signed a six year, $72 million dollar contract with $30 million dollars guaranteed.  Dwight lived up to the contract by becoming the Colts all time sacks leader and single season sacks total.  He was later surpassed by fellow teammate Robert Mathis a years later after Dwight signed a new contract with the San Diego Chargers.


  1. He can plays video games, and wins. Dwight won the 2004 Madden Bowl where other NFL stars compete in the beloved videogame, Madden, to see who reigns supreme amongst NFL video gamers.  This is just another accolade he can add to his illustrious trophy collection.


  1. In 2006, the Indianapolis Colts and Dwight Freeney hoisted the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in team history since 1970. In defeating the Chicago Bears, the Colts solidified themselves as one of the best teams in the 2000’s era.  This only leaves NFL MVP as the only trophy Dwight has left to chase.


  1. At Syracuse University in his first season, Dwight played alongside another NFL star in Donovan Mcnabb. The two stars helped put Syracuse on the map having not been known as a football powerhouse.  A few years prior to Dwight, fellow Colts teammate Marvin Harrison attended Syracuse University as well.  Dwight had a great career at Syracuse finishing 2nd on the all-time sacks list, 1st and 2nd in single season sacks, 1st in career sacks and 1st in career tackles for loss.  Dwight Freeney is arguably one of the best defensive lineman to ever play college football.


  1. He has founded the National Kids Choice Society. This is a foundation which brings professional athletes into numerous schools to help encourage young athletes to follow their dreams but to make school work a priority first.


  1. Dwight grew up as a multi-sport athlete. As a captain of the Bloomfield High School football, baseball and basketball teams.  He was All-Conference in them along with All-State and an All-American in football.  We all know Dwight eventually chose football as his life-long passion, but he loved all three like there was no tomorrow.  Dwight would play sports everyday growing up not to become the best at all three, but for the love of the game.  Whichever season it was, Dwight would play that sport every day until he couldn’t play anymore that day.  Dwight was high up on a lot of schools lists for all three sports.  Not only a top defensive lineman, Dwight loved offense as well.  Catching several touchdowns as a tight end, Dwight never shied away from the spotlight.


  1. Not only is Dwight one of the best defensive lineman to ever play, he also has one of the best moves ever. Dwight has essentially patented the spin move to get to the quarterback.  Many other players try to mimic him but Dwight is the only person who can pull off the “Dwight.”  With a 250 pound lineman spinning his way in different directions at the oppositions quarterback, it makes a tough job for the offense to stop him.


  1. Nicknamed the Tasmanian Devil for his spin move, Dwight has accepted this name with open arms, literally. Dwight has been given the name due to his elusive spin move that so many try to copy.  Now with the Chargers, the Tasmanian Devil looks to wreak havoc for the teams out west.  Now in the same division as his old quarterback, Peyton Manning, Dwight will finally have the opportunity to sack one of his best friends on the field.


  1. Getting to the quarterback is like diffusing a bomb. Dwight knows he has three seconds to get to the quarterback before he passes or scrambles in the pocket. Dwight refers to himself like a bomb specialist because they only have a short period of time before the bomb can explode.  Dwight knows his role on the field and does a very good job at it.  With over 100 sacks to his name, Dwight has been an excellent bomb diffuser over his illustrious career.


  1. Dwight supports the community kids with after school All-Stars.  Dwight along with fellow Chargers teammates have been playing dodge ball in the offseason.  Playing afterschool with kids in the local San Diego Community, Dwight and his team “D-Block,” captured this year’s championship and will look to defend it next summer when the opportunity arises once again.  Not only a great way for kids to spend the afternoon with NFL players, but it is also a great team bonding effort that includes the local community.  A great event for fans, kids and the San Diego Chargers organization

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