San Diego Charger, Branden Oliver

An article I wrote for Pro Player Insiders on Branden Oliver circa 2014.

Being a Running Back in today’s NFL is no easy task.  It requires taking great care of your body after being pummeled for 60 minutes by some of the toughest defenders on the planet.  Branden Oliver out of Buffalo University has paved the road to becoming an NFL Running Back.  After signing with the San Diego Chargers Branden has been heavily compared to former Charger Running Back Darren Sproles.  On those comparisons, “I’m not trying to be like Sproles, I’m just trying to be me,” stated Oliver.  The two are almost the same height but Oliver is a few pounds heavier.  Looking to make the Chargers Roster, Branden Oliver is doing everything he can to make sure he is suiting up for Sunday’s come fall.


PPI: Tell us a little about the game and your first NFL touchdown?

Branden: I was definitely really excited about it, the offensive line did a really great job blocking they opened a big hole for me.


PPI: I saw Danny Woodhead slap you up immediately after the touchdown, what role has he played? Branden: He’s definitely has been the mentorship role I’ve learned a lot from Danny


PPI: Coach McCoy is so inspirational, what is one thing he has installed in you?

Branden: Umm definitely to go out and get better every day.  You’ve gotta be focused and be ready on all sides of the ball including special teams

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