San Diego Charger Donald Butler

An article I wrote for Pro Player Insiders on Donald Butler, circa 2015.

Every die hard fan wants to get to know their favorite professional athletes. They want to hang out with them, some want to dress like them, and some fans even go to the extent of getting their favorite player tattooed on them.  We like to bring the inside stories right from the players themselves to give a closer look into their personal lives off of the field.  San Diego Chargers linebacker Donald Butler is known as the hard hitting, defensive captain who wears number 56 on Sundays.  There is more than meets the eye with him though.  Here 10 things you need to know about Donald Butler.

  1. Donald Butler attended the University of Washington as a construction management major. Donald not only studied construction management, he was an intern with the Walsh Construction Company for two years.  We all know that he won’t be needing the degree anytime soon but after his career in football, Donald could pursue a career in construction or another field that interests him.


  1. Something else that interests Donald may come as a bit of a surprise to some fans, but Donald loves his pampering time. This time is spent getting pedicures taking care of his “dogs.”  Donald refers to his “dogs” as his feet.  He was once told by a fellow teammate that if he takes care of his feet, they’ll, (his feet), take care of him.  Donald has taken this advice to heart and has now been receiving pedicures for the past few years now.



  1. While receiving pedicures, Donald also gets massages as well. Many NFL players get massages so no surprise there, but the music preferences of Donald may surprise some.


  1. He is an avid jazz fanatic. Donald loves some smooth jazz during his days of relaxation.


  1. After days or pampering and relaxing to some music, Donald has to refuel but not with just any food. He loves his brussel sprouts.  Hoping to implement some into every meal, Donald tries to make them a side dish of every meal.  Eating healthy is not easy, especially for NFL players who are 220 pounds plus some.  There are some NFL players who can consume over 2,000 calories in just one sitting.  Eating right and taking care of your body is a must in order to maintain an NFL body.


  1. It’s not just muscles and a stomach to take care of, its lungs and the entire body as a whole. Donald owns a hyperbaric chamber which is used for pumping up to three times as much oxygen into the blood stream to help with breathing and growth factors, which promote body healing.  This allows Donald to fully recuperate after a tough Sunday


  1. Donald has teamed up with a company called FLEX which he will partner with to create blue and yellow watches which will be limited edition for purchase. The proceeds will help provide meals and education for children in the Rojo Gomez community.


  1. Donald is a leader. A defensive captain for the Chargers on and off the field.  He is a player guys can get along with and can talk to about on or off the field problems.  Donald not only tries to help his teammates but through charities and his FLEX program as well.


  1. He is a workhorse. Never giving up on plays and laying himself on the line every day for his team and his teammates.  Having injury troubles his first few seasons in the league, Donald has done everything he can to make this upcoming season his best yet.  Having already been named a captain and a role model, his only ceiling now is winning the Super Bowl.


  1. He bowls! Donald hosted a charity bowling tournament with comedian Ricky Smith.  The charity is R.A.K.E., standing for Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere, along with Juma Ventures, an organization aimed to end poverty.  Pro Player Insiders was at this charity bowling tournament and was able to see firsthand what propels Donald to be such a great role model and leader.

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