The Scouts, it’s about money

Oh yes, the scouts

I was never in Boy Scouts, I thought it was stupid. I don’t mean to be blunt and I don’t mean to upset anyone who was a scout,  but I personally am not a fan of camping. Yes, I know, it’s not solely about camping and covers a wide area of things a boy should know to help him become a better man.  But that’s not what the main topic of discussion is at this time. It’s that the “left-wingers” are pushing the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) to change their name to Scouts because it needs to be more politically correct and encompass everyone who wants to join. I think if I was to start a business it would be creating a buzzer that sounds every time someone says something completely asinine to make them think for just 1 second.

It’s not the “left-wingers”

It’s not, it really isn’t that the liberals, the snowflakes, the whatever you want to call them are the ones who pushed for the name change. It’s the BSA who realized that they were hemorrhaging enrolled boys and realized they needed to make a change. So, rather than cutting funding, cutting programs, cutting the program, they decided to make it more inclusive to boost enrollment again. In recent years, their numbers have been dwindling due to boys not wanting to be hands on or value what “good’ol America used to value.” The BSA began accepting gay and transgender scout leaders and scouts into the program and of course, that gets everyone riled up. For a place in the world that always says that there’s no racism, there’s no discrimination, there’s no this, no that, it’s kind of amazing to see things like this transpire and say hey, that’s exactly what you just said you weren’t doing. BUZZER NOISE! 

If you’re gay, if you identify as a man but you have boobs, whatever. At the end of the day, unless you’re coming into my home and affecting what I do on a daily basis, I don’t care what you do with your life. As long as you’re not affecting, harming, disrupting others, don’t care. For scouts who just want to join because their friend joined, what’s wrong with that? If you think that the BSA morals aren’t right, well, there are two options. The first option is to look at your own morals, is what YOU believe what everyone else should be believing? (Note, you should’ve answered no to that question) The second is, what are the right morals that they should be teaching? You can’t push your views on someone else because “that’s how I was raised.” That’s one of the dumbest things to ever hear someone say. The great quotes of “back in my day,” “that’s not how it used to be,” “I/we weren’t raised like that.”

It’s 2018, things change

The BSA understand that they can’t continue teaching boys the same thing forever. I’ll guarantee you that what scouts were taught back in 1945 is completely different from what they’re taught here in 2018. If I’m wrong, please tell me, I will personally apologize to you and even polish all of your merit badges. Is it great to know how to tie different knots, sure it is, you never know when you may need to utilize a skill of tying a knot to a boat because you’re still out sailing when the weather advisory told you a storm was coming in but you’re a BSA so you feel that you can take on anything. So you go sailing for the day, only to return to 75 mph winds that have the water rocking. So you need to ensure your boat won’t be ripped out from the dock, so you tie some ridiculous knot to ensure your boat will be there tomorrow. WHAT A GREAT SKILL! But truthfully, those skills just aren’t as prominent today. Society today isn’t as hands on as it used to be “back in the day.” Technology is advancing every second of the day whether you like it or not, there’s really nothing you can do about it, unless you’re extremely wealthy.

If your son and daughter are 6 and 7 years old and want to join Scouts together, is there really a problem with that? Are you really going to sit them both down and give them a good reason why a boy and a girl can’t learn together, even though they’re family? “But why can’t I be in the same class as brother daddy?” “Well honey, you see, boys and girls are different and men are superior and there are things a boy needs to do without a girl around. It’s part of becoming a man.” Yes dad, what a great parenting tip, your son needs to become a man before the age of 10.

What’s the takeaway?

The takeaway is that anything that’s done nowadays is solely political based. BUZZER NOISE! Which is completely false. You can’t walk down the left side of the street anymore because that might signify that you’re a left-winger. But if you walk down the right side of the street because that might signify you’re a right-winger. So now you’re walking down the middle of the street because people are stupid. Is it wrong for people to be included in certain events because they don’t fit the mold? So if there’s a fashion show in Milan and a guy from Duck Dynasty want’s to attend, he should be allowed right? Could you imagine if that actually happened and they told him that he couldn’t attend? Oh my god, the flurry that would ensue. But I’ll almost guarantee you that if a gay man wanted to attend a hunting seminar with big brawly woodsmen, they wouldn’t allow him in. You see, there’s this certain rule of inclusion that doesn’t work both ways when it’s not convenient for the other party.

This entire situation just comes down to money, that’s all. The reason that the BSA is changing their name is to not completely dismantle. Rather, they’ll include more people allowing their funding to continue and they can keep teaching what they’re been teaching for the past 100 years, or something like that.

The Scouts, it’s about money.


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