A New Feature to Coolfront

What’s the haps

Working at Coolfront is great, there’s a lot that goes on throughout the day, which meanssssss, I’m super busy. I wear a lot of hats, even though that’s an interesting idiom. You’re doing so many things that it’s like you have so many different jobs. So yeah, that’s me. I recently wrote this blog post about a new feature that we released 1 week ago today!

The News

The newest Coolfront Mobile feature has arrived! This past Friday, we released a new feature designed to help our users keep pushing their businesses forward with business insights, tips, Coolfront tips and more. With the addition of this new feature, contractors now have an even more powerful business tool!

What is this?

So, what new feature is it? It’s called, The Feed, and it’s pretty slick. Take your social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, think about how all of them scroll down and are jam packed with information. The Feed is very similar to this. When a user logs into their Coolfront Mobile account, the feed will be front and center. Once a user goes to a different screen, they’ll have the option to click on the feed and go back to see what new content has been posted. It’s easy to use and ready for action!

Coolfront has compiled so much industry information and now we are able to easily share that with contractors making their lives easier. The Feed will be populated with content that is geared towards HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing contractors which they can utilize and implement in their businesses. And, with your help, we can improve The Feed! Soon, contractors will be able to like/dislike, comment and share content that’s on their feed. This way, we can gain a better understanding of what contractors are looking for from the feed.

We’re listening

We understand that not everything that’s posted in the feed will relate to every single contractor that uses Coolfront Mobile, however, we can try! If you have suggestions, content, things you’d like to see in The Feed, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re open to posting different types of content to resonate with as many people as possible. Since it’s new to us, and it’s new to you, we’re learning as we go along.  We want to better understand what contractors are looking for so we appreciate your feedback.


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