My First Stories

When it comes to freelance work, it’s first come, first serve. The only way to get work is to go out and find it. Send letters, reach out to people, using connections is what it’s all about. It’s always funny to hear people at conferences say, “we’re marketers, we market. But the worst part of what we do is marketing ourselves.” It’s true, we know how to write, to speak clearly, we know how to articulate our thoughts and make something of them, but it’s always hard to self-promote.

I recently was awarded a gig to write a few articles and I’ve included links to them below. Please feel free to share out and read as many times as possible. You may even find that I missed something in one of them!

An Athletes Life After College: What happens to college athletes after the spotlight is turned off? They probably just ride off into the sunset with their college degrees and get a normal job like the rest of us…right? They can easily get a job in their desired field since they carry such notoriety with them. If only it worked that easily for them.

The Americans: FX has been known for creating and presenting shows that make us laugh, cry, and show other emotions that we may not care to share with others. The Americans is a show that is no different. Set in America in the 1980s during the Cold War, it gives a glimpse into what life was like. It’s great to see America in the ’80s and to see what people used to wear, but also how people acted in such a strenuous time. There’s a time period in America known as the Cold War Period for cripes sake!

Best Ski Resorts in the Northeast: With winter almost in full-swing, skiers and snowboarders put their differences aside to rejoice in the fact that they can get back out on the slopes. Whether you’re going for your first time, your last time, or another season doing what you love, take a moment to relax and enjoy. Typically, it’s about 5 months between winter sports seasons which makes for a long summer. Luckily there are thousands of YouTube videos to keep these winter fanatics happy. If you’re in the Northeast and looking for some weekend getaways, or just looking for a new ski resort, here a few highly recommended spots!

The Most Wonderful Time of Year: With the holidays fast approaching, many people are out to get the most important piece of a holiday celebrated by so many…a tree! There are so many different types that it’s easier to read the descriptions below rather than wander aimlessly through the tree farm and touch them.

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