Mount Snow and AirBnB

For many in the United States, winter means it’s still 73 degrees, that maybe it gets a little colder at night, or that you could go to bed with an inch of snow and wake up with over a foot. It also means that many people are hitting the road, packing up their cars and traveling to have an absolute blast skiing or snowboarding!

A few weeks ago, some friends and I took a trip out to Mount Snow, Vermont before we had enough snow to ski at our local place. We stayed at an Air BnB to make the trip cheaper and actually more enjoyable.

Mount Snow

Mount Snow is located in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont and is one wrong turn away from being lost forever. Not really of course, but driving through the foothills of Vermont definitely is a reality check. It’s not that Rochester is a huge bustling city, but driving through those tight, winding roads gives perspective to things. The mountain is one of the largest mountains near the metropolitan area and gets a lot of traffic from New York City, Albany, Vermont, and Bostonians.

The rates are competitive for how many trails are offered and for how many lifts are available. There wasn’t much natural snow, but the majority of the trails that were open were solid and provided some really good runs. The terrain park was open and offered a lot of huge jumps, a lot of metal and wooden rails, and unfortunately, the halfpipe wasn’t built yet due to lack of snow. Had that been open, I would’ve done my best Shaun White impersonation.

They offered many different pass options, you can find them here, but I suggest checking out Liftopia to save on passes. They offer better deals, typically, but they offer a variety of places in the area as well. DO NOT PAY FOR PARKING! Yes, you may have to walk a little way, maybe 100 yards, but you can park literally 100 feet closer for $20, not worth it. Plus, you can actually park closer without paying anyway, so, don’t let them jip you.

We were here for the entire weekend, Friday through Sunday night and got a full day of skiing Saturday and a half day on Sunday, no problems getting to or leaving the resort, like, extremely easy to get to. The signage could be better around the mountain so you know exactly where to go, but other than that it’s very easy to get in and get out.

Lodging (Use Airbnb)

The hardest part about taking any vacation is finding where to stay. With so many different options in the area, hotels, motels, the actual resort, many options just don’t fit your budget. So, take to Airbnb.

We stayed for 2 nights at an amazing little cottage that was at the top of a mountain and only 10 minutes from Mount Snow. It was $179 each night, but since there were 5 of us that stayed, we split it to come out to roughly $75 a person, for 2 nights!

They had WiFi, an immaculate house, great bathroom, wood stove, and an amazing view from the porch. Plenty of wood was provided for the stove, they even had a washer and dryer that could be used if necessary as well, no coins needed!

I’ve included a link to the exact cabin since it was perfect. If/when we go back to Mount Snow, we will 100% be staying here again.

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