Why Updated Websites Matter

Your website has been around for at least 10 years and you spent a good chunk of change to have it developed—it’s your baby! You made it so it’s found on Google and easy enough for people to navigate; they can find what you offer and how they can contact you. Some nice pictures or articles written on your subject matter expertise will surely help too.

However, if there is a ticker at the bottom of your website that shows you how many visitors have visited your website, it’s time to update that thing!

Websites have come a long way and there are so many easy ways to get started. There is tracking to see which visitors looked at your website, there are chat features for the people who just need a quick answer and don’t want to call in, you can add videos to your website, the possibilities are endless!

The majority of these features do have a cost associated with them, but if you’re losing customers because of your website, it’s time for a change. Studies show that customers spend 15 seconds on a website, in that 15 seconds if they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re off to the next one. Just speculation, but improving your website could lead to higher profits. Change can be scary scary, but if your website is older than 10 years old, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Even if your website is 5 years old adding some spice will help keep it fresh and clean.

It’s not only the layout of the website that you should update, it’s also the content that’s on there. Having a website that states what you do, services offered, and information about you/your business, that’s what people want to see.

The better the content, the better the search results. It’s important to not be too technical, but, including the right keywords will help rank higher on Google’s and Yahoo’s search results. If you really want to dive into your website’s ranking, I would suggest doing a little research on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the beginners guide to SEO.

I have found that keeping a website up-to-date is no where as easy as it sounds. Luckily, WordPress makes it relatively easy to make changes and add new content. There are many other platforms out there if you’re looking to make a switch or get started for yourself. Some of these offer a very basic model which is free, but the better you want it to look, the more you’ll need to pay. The old adage of, “you need to spend money to make money”, applies here perfectly.

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