4th and Inches Fantasy Recap – Week 3

It took three weeks but there are COVID cases in the NFL. This changes the landscape for this upcoming week, unless you don’t have Titans or Steelers players on your roster. For some teams in 4th and Inches, they’re in a tough spot. But, without further adieu, our week three fantasy recap.

Run CMC vs. Kupp O’Clam Crowder

We get week three started off by letting Alec know it may be time to change his team name from Run CMC to The Underperformers. With a roster filled with big names, the big names aren’t showing up when needed- Adam Thielen, Odell Beckham Jr., Josh Jacobs, Evan Engram, Emmanuel Sanders, and more.

Run CMC was projected to put up 125.66, respectable. What isn’t respectable is the 86.3 points they put up. Slade’s Kupp O’Clam Crowder squad scored that between Russel Wilson, Cooper Kupp, and Alvin Kamara. But it is easier to win when Kamara is literally one team’s entire offense. Cupp was projected to put up 148.99 and finished with 158.1. They head into week four sitting in second place with a perfect record of 3-0 while Run CMC drops to 1-2 and ninth place.

Fire the Cannons vs. MakeAndrewGreatAgain

In a highly anticipated matchup of two childhood friends, everything was on the line. Bragging rights were front of mind but Andrew never forgot the minutes Sherm stole from him on Hannibal’s basketball team. This game had everything on the line.

Early projections showed Fire the Cannons emerging victorious by a score of 134.41 to MakeAndrewGreatAgain’s 130.68. Somehow, someway, MakeAndrewGreatAgain showed up again to push their record to an unbelievable 3-0. Almost as big of a surprise as Andrew’s eyes not straying apart after several games of Holy Board. MakeAndrewGreatAgain took all the pride and Sherm’s riches by a final score of 140.8 to 117.58. A margin that nobody could’ve seen coming.

Keenan & Kel vs. Trump 2020

We head to our third matchup of 4th and Inches where the league’s quietest player took on a man who often forgets where he is and what day it is. Although Yianni didn’t make much of a splash on draft day, his team has hit their stride and his draft day preparations are paying off big time. Keenan & Kel destroyed their original projection of 143.02 to be the week’s highest scoring team with 173.38. Trump 2020 beat their projection of 130.93 by scoring 133.5, but just wasn’t good enough to even sniff Yianni’s behind.

Week four should be interesting for both teams as each has a player who won’t be playing due to COVID.

Hyde ‘n Zeke vs. The Big House

Ron’s Hyde ‘n Zeke team still looks like the kid who shows up to play rec league kickball with gloves- looks like a tool and is garbage. Like Run CMC, this team has names every fifth grade sports fan would know, unfortunately for Ron, they’re more focused on being mediocre than performing at a high level.

Hyde ‘n Zeke fell short of their original 130.15 projection by finishing with 123.32 points. Fortunately for them, Randy’s Big House is averaging 94 points a week. His 90.16 points was 17 points shy of their 107.49 projection. For now, Randy sits in last place at 0-3 with his sights set on Michigan football coming back.

Muskies then Chubbie vs. EatSleepFantasy

We have two of the most hard-headed people you’ll ever meet in your life. One who is always right, always wants to get the last word in, a total know-it-all, and the other who is exactly the same. Everyone should be thankful these two didn’t get to commentate on their game because we’d still be listening to it to this day.

Short and sweet, Muskies then Chubbie absolutely destroyed EatSleepFantasy by a score of 171.02 to 97.88. That’s right, another 90 point effort in fantasy football. Muskies sits atop the 12-team league at 3-0 with 20 more points scored than the next team. All I can say is, Marque, if all you do is eat, sleep, fantasy, I never want to eat whatever you eat or have one of those night’s sleep. It seems like it doesn’t work out for you.

Michael Thomas vs. Bills Deep

Week three and still the same result for Michael Thomas. Michael Thomas could’ve scored 165 points the past two weeks and still would’ve lost. To say things aren’t going Nate’s way would be an understatement. With the league’s hardest schedule, team’s going off on a weekly basis, and over six injuries on his roster, things need to turn around quickly.

On the other hand, Bills Deep is making the two-manager fantasy football approach look very enticing. After a few weeks of bad luck, things finally clicked as they scored 169.54 points. 35 points more than they were projected to and the third-highest total of the week. Michael Thomas only put up 110.08 points, 10 fewer than projected. Is anyone looking to trade?

For those who lost, at this point, things may not get better. For those who won, congrats, you’ll get to trade with every team who’s worse than yours. See you next week.

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