4th and Inches Fantasy Recap – Week 6

Week six was an interesting one in 4th and Inches. Two teams are jostling for the bottom spot while everyone else is fighting for a playoff position. We’ve got heartbreak, exceeded expectations, and more injuries we’ve ever seen.

The Big House vs. Trump 2020

First up is the highest scoring team of the week, The Big House. Luck has not been on Randy’s side all season and it’s nice to see things finally go his way. The Big House has picked up back-to-back wins and sits at 2-4 with a great spot to improve to 3-4. Nobody’s missing time due to COVID or injuries. Their original projections had them winning 136.72 to 128.43 over Trump2020, something Joe Biden and his team are also predicting.

The Big House was carried by Derrick Henry’s stiff-arm, Deshan Watson’s slinging abilty, and Julio Jones en route to 170.80 points. Randy didn’t even bring out the Vaseline for this one. Curt and Trump 2020 put up 131.40 points which would’ve been enough for a win against nine other teams. Unfortunately, he didn’t a tasty matchup this week. He’ll have a big matchup against Keenan & Kel in week 7.

Muskies then Chubbie vs. Keenan & Kel

Tyler and his Muskies team were in dire need of a win in week six. After a few weeks of extreme underperforming, Yianni and his team were licking their chops. Early projections had Muskies winning by a slim margin of 132.60 to 130.96, projections everyone would love to see in this league.

Unfortunately for Keenan & Kel, projections were just a dream. Nearly everyone underperformed and decided that just showing up would be good enough. Keenan scored 110.98 points which was 23 points fewer than they needed to if they wanted to win. Muskies got the win they desperately needed and Keenan faces a tough week seven matchup against Trump 2020.

Bills Deep vs. Hyde ‘n Zeke

After the draft, Bills Deep walked away confidently with a smug look on their face like they knew they were on to something. Unfortunately for this managerial duo, things are going the complete opposite way of good. Sitting at 1-5, their season is in complete disarray.

While their projected point total of 114.80 was always going to be a lofty task, especially when you start a wide receiver who doesn’t play. All things aside, they got absolutely blown out by a score of 130.5 to 89.38- this week’s biggest blowout. Bills Deep takes on Run CMC in a matchup of the two bottom feeders.

EatSleepFantasy vs. Let Russ Be Culinary

After six weeks, it needs to be noted that Marque does not eat, sleep, and play fantasy football. This was a must-need game for EatSleepFantasy. One that could potentially set the tone for the rest of the season. Heading into rivalry week sitting at 3-3 would’ve been huge, especially against the league’s only undefeated team.

EatSleepFantasy held a slim lead heading into the wee minutes of Monday night’s games. With only Travis Kelce and Harrison Butker left for Let Russ Be Culinary, Marque tightly clenched his Tom Brady jersey and rubbed his goat statue hoping for another miracle. Slade’s team other motives because Butker hit a late field goal to keep Let Russ Be Culinary remain undefeated. The final was 122.26 to 121.54, EatSleepFantasy falls to 2-4 while Let Russ Be Culinary sits with an unblemished 6-0.

Michael Thomas vs. Fire the Cannons

There was a lot riding on this game. Michael Thomas needed a win to keep his season alive while Fire the Cannons could improve to 4-2 and squeak into the top 5. Ever since Sherm stole the garter from Nate and put it on his girlfriend, things have been tumultuous between the two. Did he go above the knee? Yes. No one knows how high his hands went, but he came up with the biggest smile on his face and a tent in his pants.

Michael Thomas was projected to put up 128.79 points, the highest projection for them this year. Fire the Cannons was only slated to score 118.10. Michael Thomas put up 115.78 which was good enough to beat a mediocre team who had five players who didn’t score over 14 points combined. Michael Thomas improved to 2-4 while Fire the Cannons falls to 3-3 after their abysmal 77.24 outing. These two teams face each other in week seven for rivalry week.

Run CMC vs. MakeAndrewGreatAgain

Last week’s final matchup saw Alec take on Andrew, a matchup that was about as close as Andrew beating Alec in middle school basketball minutes. MakeAndrewGreatAgain has been rolling through the competition this year. It’s almost like someone had some extra time to pick who was starting and sitting each week.

Early projections showed a close matchup but Andrew beating Alec by a score of 129.74 to 124.81. To say Alec’s team has had a bad break would be incorrect. Run CMC just has a bad manager. MakeAndrewGreatAgain slapped Run CMC around by a score of 121.42 to 86.24. Run CMC is looking for anything that doesn’t embarrass him on a weekly basis in fantasy football. Andrew sits at 5-1 and in second place while Alec drops to 12th place.

For those who lost, remember there’s always next week. For those who won, remember there’s always next week to screw things up. See you next week.

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