4th and Inches Fantasy Recap – Week 8

Before this season started, there was an agreement among everyone that if we made it to week eight, the season would be official. If you thought someone would be undefeated after week eight, you somehow would be right.

We’ve made it to the halfway point of the season and just like the Seahawks, Russel Wilson is carrying Let Russ Be Culinary. Just like the Cardinals, Kyler Murray is scrambling around in his 4’8 frame and magically carrying MakeAndrewGreatAgain. We’ve always got to trudge forward because we never know what’s going to happen.

Trump 2020 vs. Muskies then Chubbie

Big brother vs. little brother. Baker vs. Baker. Battling for the love of their mother and father. Who is the best son? Who is the best uncle? If you wanted a good ol’ fashioned brother vs. brother beatdown, you were in luck. We got the biggest blowout of the week.

Trump 2020 was predicted to come up just short of Muskies then Chubbie, 123.45-131.62. Maybe the reason for that was because Curt trades away every good player that comes across his roster. But Curt said enough was enough. No more playing second fiddle to big brother.

He flopped out his knob and said here it is bro, this is my league now. Curt put up 121.24 points and finished with a 35 point victory over Muskies. Both teams head into week nine with a positive 5-3 record. Both may be a few moves away from bolstering their roster. Some may be a few injuries away from skyrocketing to the top. We’ll see.

EatSleepFantasy vs. Heal CMC

Well Marque, you did it. You woke up a winner. It seems like it’s been forever, but like Tom Brady, you always find a way to pop up and annoy everyone.

Marque and EatSleepFantasy were projected to lose bigly to Ron and Heal CMC who has yet to heal CMC. EatSleepFantasy got a huge day out of Davante Adams which was just enough to eek out a close 110.46 to 101.64 victory. Heal CMC is begging and pleading for the Panthers to let CMC play next week but he hasn’t been able to get ahold of their organization. Marque is providing business insights to people and they don’t listen because, well, it’s Marque. I’ll always listen to you though Marque.

Fire the Cannons vs. Let Russ Be Culinary

Somehow, Fire the Cannons has three wins on the year. That’s what happens when you start off the season with an easy schedule. Then again, Slade and Let Russ Be Culinary has been saying their schedule is easy all year long. He even talked to the commissioner to find a way to improve competition next year.

Sherm has a team that is just abysmal, however, they finally had a week where they scored over 110 points. Fire the Cannons put up 130.02 points, a total that would have warranted a win against every other team this week. That would’ve been a much needed win for Sherm. Unfortunately, Let Russ Be Culinary continues to score their weekly average of 150+ points. This one was close but at the end of the day, just wasn’t. Let Russ Be Culinary won 156.64 to 130.02.

Tua Time vs. MakeAndrewGreatAgain

As a Dolphins fan, Randy has been suffering for many years. As a fellow Michigan fan, I’ve been suffering like Randy on that front as well. On the fantasy football front, I’ve been called an idiot and a mop boy, but if we call Randy anything it’s interesting.

Starting a rookie quarterback is an interesting move when you need a win in fantasy football. Especially when it’s his first game as a starter. Randy and Tua Time, like Slade and Let Russ Be Culinary, continue to be consistent in their weekly points total. He’s almost guaranteed to score 105-110 points each week.

In no surprise to anyone, they scored 105.72 which wasn’t enough to take down MakeAndrewGreatAgain and his 6-2 record. Tua Time has some positive matchups coming their way the remainder of the year, will they make any moves to improve their chances though? Unless you want to give up Antonio Brown for an absolute stud, the answer may be no.

Michael Thomas vs. Keenan & Kel

Thankfully, I played another Keenan & Kel(ce) team in my other league. Both teams had similar players which was either going to be good news or bad news for me. It turns out it didn’t matter, my team just sucked.

Had I started Damien Harris over Boston Scott and Noah Fant over Cole Beasley, I’d have my fourth win in a row and have a 4-4 record. Lucky for Yianni and his team, I didn’t.

Early projections showed me losing 120.87 to 127.23 but I had hope and promise. He threw out Stephon Diggs who played in windy, rainy, poor conditions and somehow managed to put up 15 points. Sweet.

Keenan & Kel moves to 4-4 and sits in sixth place while I slide to 3-5 and cling on to the final playoff spot, eighth.

Bills Deep vs. Cheeks

Again, we find ourselves watching two garbage teams battle it out for last place. Sick. Bills Deep fell subject to counselor Tyler and his mind tricks to be swindled into taking bench players for injured studs to…still lose. Another poor move by Bills Deep this season.

Alec and his Cheeks managed to get their second win of the season to make last place just a little bit sweeter.

Projections did have Cheeks winning this matchup but by a score of 121.82 to 116.4. At no surprise to anyone, neither team put up over 100 points. Cheeks did win but by a score of 96.94 to 94.56. A very close game but at the same time, a game both teams may have wanted to lose to get a better draft position for next year. Even if it doesn’t matter.

We’ll have an interesting finish to the season, but keep in mind, nobody has been subject to the injury plague this year. Unless you’re Alec, you’ve got a target on your back. Those are the benefits of being in last place. Here’s to another successful week in the books…for some.

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