Trump Supporter Logic

We are four years into Donald Trump’s presidency and it appears we won’t be blessed with another four. With the election still undecided, Americans are watching anxiously to see what’s happening, which states are still tabulating results, and who the president will sue next.

For the past four years, we’ve been fed lies, told that the inaccuracies are just alternative facts, instructed to not believe any mainstream media, and that we should reference Twitter to get our facts. Facts only the president knows.

No other time in American history have we seen such propaganda sweep across the nation, and unfortunately, half of Americans still can’t see the truth. With a campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again”, that would mean Americans come together for the betterment of the country. Not to divide people and tell lies for personal gain. We see time and time again that it’s, say one thing, do the opposite.

Time and time again we try to understand the logic of a Trump supporter and unfortunately, there never seems to be any. When it comes to Black Lives Matter, Trump supporters say it’s All Lives Matter. Nobody said all lives don’t, the issue is the word black. It seems that it’s ok to say Blue Lives Matter, just not black lives. Why is that?

Jordan Klepper, from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, attended Trump rallies across the country for the past few years and the answers he received were astonishing. There are tons of answers that approve Trump of doing things because he’s Trump, but if someone else does it…a Democrat, there’s an issue. Time after time we see a blatant disregard for facts, truth, and logic.

In a country that allows abortion in certain states up to a certain term, there are cries that all lives matter. That abortions are murder and should be abolished. Can we agree that not all pregnancies are positive? There are instances of rape where a teenage girl, or any woman, is forced to carry a baby that is illegitimate and unwanted. There are instances where the mother or baby may not survive the birth if the baby goes to term. Looking at the facts about abortion proves that people aren’t aborting babies after eight months. Rather than doing research, Trump supporters only listen to him, not actual research or facts.

  • All lives matter, however, all votes don’t matter. Stop counting votes in states the president was leading and continue counting votes in states he was losing. How can there be an argument that there is fraud? There were only claims of fraud in states he was losing. Not how that works.
  • The president can speak out and use slander and derogative terms against anyone. Childish name-calling, never taking responsibility if things go poorly, pointing fingers at everyone else. If ANYONE speaks out against the president, there are ostracized and Trump whines that he’s treated unfairly and they’re mean to him. That’s not how that works.
  • Facts and science that disprove or show Trump to be in the wrong aren’t actual facts. They’re alternative facts. However, if it comes from the president, it must be right. He says he never lies. False.
  • The media is biased and lies, which has actually been brought to light in the past few years. There is media bias, however, not to the extent Trump thinks or pushes on his supporters. Even when Fox News or other of his favorite news outlets spoke out against him or proved him to be wrong, he turned on them and said they’re moving to be too left or liberal. So again, you’re a child who didn’t get what they wanted and are throwing a fit.

After four years, America showed that they had enough of Trump. After four years, America spoke up, got out to vote, and kicked Trump to the curb. The scariest part of Trump losing is what will he say or do next? His supporters blindly follow him now and with more and more lies spewed daily, there’s no telling what he’ll say or do next. He’s a troubled man who has access to nuclear codes. We’ve seen him throw nuclear tantrums rather than working with politicians for the betterment of the American people.

It’s truly baffling to see how when the writing is on the wall, Trump supporters somehow find a way to look away from the truth to deny what’s right in front of them. If there’s any Trump supporter who is still reading to this point, I’m not saying Democrats don’t do the same. I’m saying the difference is the extent of how Trump operates. Politicians work for the people, we shouldn’t need to pick sides. We should be electing people based on how they unite and strengthen America, not divide and tarnish everything that is built.

Politicians work for us. They aren’t celebrities. They aren’t rockstars. We aren’t supposed to like politicians. There are policies that are enacted that benefit some and hurt others. That’s politics. Unless we turn into a socialist country that benefits everyone, politicians have to determine who needs help more than others. Politicians cannot be idolized. You can’t be an American if you idolize a politician. If you think you can, you’re divisive and are exactly what Trump wants. It turns out that the logic behind a Trump supporter is that there isn’t any.

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