What is Familiarity?

Familiarity is defined as a close relationship or intimacy with something. It’s that feeling of being comfortable. It feels right. It feels safe. You know what to expect. It feels…familiar.

For the past seven years, my wife and I became familiar with the city of Rochester, New York. It’s where we called home for 3/4 of a decade. We became familiar with the city, friends, restaurants, and of course bars.

However, all good things must come to an end. Those close friends and relationships we had, a distant memory. That feeling of familiarity, gone. That’s what happens when you take the next steps in life.

Moving cities at nearly 30 years old is not ideal. Why? It’s like starting over. Other than knowing a small handful of people who live in the general area, it feels like a barren wasteland filled with strangers and unfamiliar faces.

Since this is the first time I’ve experienced this, the reincarnation post is coming, I have no idea how to deal with going from familiar to unfamiliar essentially overnight. It’s like waking up every day in a dream waiting for someone to snap their fingers to take me back. Unfortunately, this reality is my new reality.

Instead of trying to meet people at bars and joining sports, that will still happen, the plan is to become more business-oriented and increase my network. In short, do adult things instead of young adult activities.

Growing up sucks. It really does. But, at the same token, there is a lot more to do in life than act like an idiot and do dumb/fun stuff every weekend. Sometimes family takes precedence and becomes the focus of things. Something that has never been easy for me to accept. One would say it’s, unfamiliar.

Familiarity is a great feeling. It’s comfortable. It’s that easy feeling. It’s the feeling of knowing who and what and where things are in life. Being unfamiliar means being uncomfortable. That being said, the greatest growth in life comes from periods of discomfort. At the end of the day, this unfamiliar feeling means growth is on the horizon.

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