Top Tablets for Technicians

So you’re looking for a mobile work order management tool, hopefully Coolfront Mobile, and you have no idea what type of tablet to purchase. We used to recommend the iPad mini due to it’s small size and lower price point. Those have since been discontinued so it’s back to the drawing board. You’re looking for a tablet that is durable, has a large enough screen to see everything on, has at least 6 hours of battery life, can be put in a case, and doesn’t cost a fortune. Sounds easy enough.

Now if you have internet or cellular service included in your tablet plan, that’s great. If you don’t, Coolfront Mobile still works just as well offline as it does online! You’re not going to need a tablet with a ton of memory or the best and most expensive internet or cellular service. Coolfront Mobile is designed to be a cost-efficient solution for your business; all while helping you increase your profits, office efficiency, and technician consistency.

I would start out recommending any of the Samsung Tab tablets. They start around the $150 range and are excellent for what you’re trying to do. The price will go up depending on the amount of storage you purchase and if it has a camera or not. But it’s a great starting tablet since it’s simple to use and relatively inexpensive for a tablet.

My next suggestion would be the Acer tablet. These start out around $115 for the lower-end models. The Acer Iconia is a great tablet that has a decent amount of storage and is for the most part, very affordable. You’re not going to need some high-end tablet that has all the bells and whistles. The Acer Iconia is a great buy for $115 and will serve it’s purpose.

My last suggestion, but not the least, an iPad. Yes they’re a bit more expensive but they work, and they work well. They start around $300, again, depending on the amount of storage that you want. But they sync up with other Apple devices and like I said, they just work.

I referenced Consumer Reports for my tablet research and you can follow this link to review tablets for yourself as well.

Depending on the tablet that you buy you’ll also need a case. I’ll be following up this blog with another on the best cases for their value.

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