Third Molars, aka, Wisdom Teeth

Well, well, well, if it isn’t my new nemesis the wisdom teeth. Don’t worry, I’ll spare all the disgusting parts of wisdom teeth removal, but I will warn you, they hurt.

For my first post in what seems like years, I’m bringing my wisdom teeth removal experience to light. Last Thursday, which was a rainy Thursday, I went to the oral surgeon with my girlfriend Lexie. We arrived a few minutes early to fill out some paperwork and make some jokes to calm my nerves, to no avail however. At one point I was holding her hand and we were laughing, all of a sudden she says, “your hands are so sweaty. You must be nervous.” How correct she was.

We use laughing as a coping mechanism for nervousness. When we get anxious or apprehensive, we sweat, we choke up, we make terrible jokes. All to keep our mind at ease.

I received laughing gas and novocaine, what an experience. There’s nothing quite like that feeling. I may actually enjoy going to the dentist now if I can get laughing gas each time.

The extraction’s went well (all four), one even popped out and landed in my lap. I was able to get a good look at it after and held it. Gross, huge, wow, disgusting, holy cow. All adjectives that came to mind in that moment.

It definitely hasn’t been one of my most memorable experiences, but it’s definitely one that I’ll remember. For anyone who plans on getting their teeth removed, get it done sooner than later!

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