How to Reward your Employees After a Great Year

The 2017 fiscal year is coming to an end, yes, really. It seems like the other day was July 4 and now September is a few days away! It’s the dog days of summer, where work starts to slow down and everyone takes off a few days of vacation to enjoy the weather before it’s back inside for several months (well months where we are in Upstate New York). Tune-up season is just around the corner, and until then, what are you and your staff doing to pass the time? The weather’s still nice out, you’re not as busy as you were a month ago, and you had another great year of business. If you have loyal technicians, which we hope you do!, how do you plan on keeping them happy through the winter and not allowing them to be lured away for more money?

The easiest way to prevent a technician from leaving for more money is by you offering them more first. But what if it’s really not money that makes them happy? Yes money makes nearly 99% of people happier, but there’s more than money that keeps employees happy. What about treating all of your employees to a company outing? As a boss, you can take out your entire staff to a nice dinner, to some sort of event, for a company happy hour. You could meet with them individually and see how you can improve your business. You could take each employee for an offsite meeting and get to know them better, get to know what makes them tick, thus creating a better relationship with you and keeping them happier.

There’s a lot of research and studies on how to keep employees happier in the workplace. Maybe you don’t need to take everyone out, maybe you can give an extra day of vacation to each employee after a great year rewarding them for another great hard year’s work. If this is something you’re seriously considering, and you should, I’d suggest taking a look at the following link, It’s got some great ideas in it to boost company morale and to spark some fun throughout the company. We did a little something where we had employees bring in their kids to work too!

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