“Hi, I’m Flow. I’m the annoying woman who constantly agitates you when I come on TV. I also show up when you’re scrolling through the internet and try to click on something.” No, this has nothing to do with Progressive insurance, it has nothing to do with Flow, and it has nothing to do with politics. This has to deal with oneself being progressive. Moving forward, moving in the right direction, progressing themselves to be the best that they can be.

Where do you start?

Seriously, where do you start? There’s so much in life, there’s so many decisions to be made, there is truly no right move. What if you had the burger for lunch instead of the hibachi? Well you can have the hibachi tomorrow but that would mean you pass on your salad you were going to eat. If you push the salad to another day, that means you’re going to eat soggy lettuce and vegetables the next day. If you waste that salad, you’re wasting food and there’s starving people who would love to eat that soggy lettuce. Every single day there’s something else that we get hung up on and it’s tiring.

We have goals, ambitions, dreams, aspirations, you name it, we have them. The biggest obstacle is, how do we achieve them? How can we raise a family, yet still make the money and have the career that we desire? If we choose the path of family, will we resent ourselves for not following our career path? If we choose career, will we always resent ourselves for not growing a family as we have always hoped for? There’s no right answer, there’s no wrong answer, there’s only doing. The only way to find out what’s right and wrong, is to just do it.

Trial and error

People say that the best way of knowing not to do something, is to do it and see if it works out. The biggest issue with that advice however, if you’re wrong, there’s always a good possibility that you’re too late. Then you live with the regret and anguish from that decision. You try to be the best you can be, you fail, you try again but in a different way, you fail, you try again and the cycle constantly continues. Albert Einstein defined insanity by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It’s also considered insanity if you’re doing something different each time and expecting the same result.

The takeaway

There’s nothing that I just provided you with that you should take away and utilize in your daily life. Everything in life is determined by what you make of it. Every decision that is made is neither the right or the wrong decision. It’s just a decision that was made that will impact you and what your next decision will be. There’s no problem with progressing your life, your career, your future. Every day is a new challenge and every night is another victory.

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